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Petitioning Ohio State Senate and 2 others

help change the patient/aid ratio in long-term nursing homes

     the patient to aid ratio in long-term care facilities is criminal.  There is usually one aid to 22 or more people which  means minimal care at best is given .  Accidents and abuse are on the increase with the caregiver as well as the resident.  We need more help. We need to make our  nursinghomes safer for all who live and work there.

Letter to
Ohio State Senate
President of the United States
Ohio Governor
We need to change the patient to aid ratio in long-term nursing facilities. The ratio of caregiver to aid is criminal, There is usually one aid to 22 or more residents in a home some people are 2 assist dependent, Alzheimers, dementia, psychological problems, and flight risk or violent behaviors. This is dangerous for all concerned. The incidence of abuse and neglect is high because the caregiver is overworked and there is no work pool to draw from. We need to drop the ratio down so resident get the care they deserve and pay for. This will also put people back to work in the health field where help is so desperately needed. Help save lives. Help put people to work.

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