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Petition to demand justice for Mihail and Maria in Camelia Jalaskoski's case from Finland!

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Camelia story: 

My name Camelia-Mihaela Jalaskoski (SMIC), I have 44 years old, Romanian and Finnish citizen residing in Finland. I graduated from medical school in Iasi, Romania in 1996 and became a specialist in emergency medicine in 1999. I worked as a specialist in Neamt County Hospital, department ER, from 1999 to 2005.
I moved to Finland in 2005, along with my daughter Andreea (then aged 4 years) resulting from the previous marriage.
I left Romania to marry a Finnish citizen who promised me the moon and not because of I had a hard life Romania. Our living conditions were very good and I am still really proud of my Romanian roots.
Immediately after our relocation in Finland, and marry the Finnish citizen, my situation has changed radically. M and my daughter were humiliated, mocked daily by Finnish husband and his family. Nothing of what I was doing did not please them. I would have been returned to the country but I became very fast pregnant, and my mother never allowed me to get back on the grounds because I embarrass my family (my father was a pediatrician and my mother a pharmacist, people well known in my town of native).
Due to Psychological pressures which we were subjected , my son was born prematurely, with two months ahead of schedule, by emergency caesarean in January 2006. Doctors forgot 10cm placenta in the uterus and being Romanian, I was treated like garbage , no one wanted to investigate what was happening to me, so I spent three months with the rest of the placenta in the uterus, just dragging me and take care of a premature baby and a girl 5 yrs old girl. Only after 3 months, I took courage, I went to a private clinic, it was discovered the rest of the placenta, which was and extirpate.

Given my situation after the second caesarean (Andreea, my first child, came along also by caesarean section), and how I was treated by the new Finnish family, the relationships with my husband have cooled considerably, reaching only to be bound by a paper. Immediately after the extraction of the placenta, my husband raped me (literally) and even it happened only once, I got pregnant again. Given the plight of my uterus, I was suggested to emergency therapeutic abortion, which I vehemently refused, despite the risks. I am a person of faith and I was in constant contact by phone and letters with Father Justin Parvu (a Romanian monk), who prayed for us.

07.02.2007 Being pregnant, my husband assaulted me physically for the first time. He hit me in the belly with his feet and tried to strangulate me. Because I come from an honorable family, I was ashamed to go to the police and complain. I have been to the hospital and medical records show specified aggression.
With the help of Father Justin Parvu prayers, Maria, my third child, was born in January 2007 at term with normal weight (all Caesarean of course, without any complications).

01.07.2007 We were getting ready to go to the Orthodox church, where the service was to be held in the Romanian language. My husband started to hit my daughter Andreea, on the grounds that it had discovered some hidden rolls out of the car. I took Andreea of his hands, put the children in the car with the nanny (a Russian teacher who came for a week in Tampere, in a trial), thinking to go to church without my husband thinking that he will calm down till we get back home. Starting the car in reverse and get out of the yard (luckily I had no speed, max 10 km / h), when my husband came running, opened the back door and snatched Michael (1-year-old) from the car. My car was stopped when the right rear wheel of the car was close so my son's head but luckily I reacted quickly and did not happen a tragedy. I was still shocked by the gesture my husband did and I started to scream (most of the women are doing that). Immediately, my husband again started strangling me. Neighbors came and saved me.
On the forensic certificate writes * injuries by strangulation, which fit the description of the victim. Even if visible injuries are minor, strangulation endangering the life of the victim_ *
As a result of this aggression, I was taken along with my three children at a safety house. I didn’t receive translator and nobody spoke English with me. As a translator was used the abusive spouse who does not speak Romanian.
Police declined to hear the witness (children's babysitter on the grounds that she is Russian), Andreea was not listen, we have not received any psychological counseling and safety center was more like a prison. I asked for help but from Romanian Embassy, I got absolutely no support.
Being confused, frightened by what happened, without any possibility to understand the Finnish system, I decided to go back home (after a month spent in that center) to the violent husband. I thought I would learn Finnish language and go to work, making sure my financial freedom to be able to leave hell in which I had come. In three months I learned the Finnish language (how to get along at work) and I started work on 02.01.2008 as a doctor in Finland.
My son, because of physical and mental abuse that he was subjected began to vomit 10 to 20 times a day. I have made all the investigations and was concluded to have anorexia nervosa. After few months of service at a clinic, I was hired as my doctor anesthetist. The situation was the same but now I had my money, maintain the whole family, we brought a nanny from Romania, that helped me. My husband came home at night and leave before 6am not involving at all in family life and his humiliations didn’t hurt me so much.
In 30.01.2010 Saturday night at around 21 h, I was playing and listening to music together with my children. My husband just comes home and ordered us to go to sleep. I said is Saturday evening and we could stay little longer to play but he go down to the electrical panel and took out the electricity from all house. As my daughter observe what he was doing he began to fight with Andrea, who was then almost 9 years old. Of course, I jumped in defending Andreea but I was again strangled then my small daughter Mary jumped to defend me but he hit her and began her blood pouring from his mouth as he hit one tooth, and Michael has been thrown into a wall.
I called the police. At the scene, police found blood that flowed from the mouth of Mary, that Michael was shocked, as a result, Finnish police took him to jail, where he stayed one night.
The police investigation, as last time stopped here. Andreea was not heard. Everything was ignored.
In April 2010, I divorced and I moved with the children in another house. The court decided to let the children live with me but I was not allowed to have sole child custody, on the grounds that there is a risk to move with the children in Romania because I have also Romanian citizenship.
The good part was that Michael was completely cured of anorexia, 3 months after we moved.
Since the 2010 aggression was moved to court and child services. My ex-husband had no income for over 6 years, never paid alimony instead opened dozens of lawsuits in court. Because he has no income, the Finnish State paid him for five years all court expenses. Even the Finnish law provides lawyers for children, my children have not benefited from any. I paid 100,000 euros for 3 years .From 2013 I've not allowed a lawyer, so I represented myself in the. Due to the aggression against children, and to my aggression in front of my children, Michael and Maria refused to see her father.

I asked a psychologist for the children. The court refuse it. I paid 3 years, several thousand euros a psychologist to heal the trauma of the children. The psychologist gave a statement in court, that we were brutalized sadist both me and the children. Finnish justice has not taken into account the aggression on the grounds that my ex-husband was not condemned. He was not convicted because, despite all the evidence, the police closed the case. They held meetings under surveillance father-children but they refused further contact with her father. At meetings under supervision, the children's father did not attempt to establish any emotional connection with them, on the contrary, threatened the children so in 2013, the officials who organized the meeting under supervision declined to organize them anymore. They gave a written statement by mentioning it, and that the children's father said repeatedly that children should be forced * to trust him and the only way is that he (his father) to put children s head under water until they will implore pity * Following this act, Finnish justice ruled that children should go unsupervised to see his father and to me were given 15,000 euro fine because officials have refused to make appointments under surveillance. In all these years, child protection was always on the father side and not defending the best interests of the children. They repeatedly lied in their documents and refused to correct them when I brought written evidence of their mistakes. Supporting me in the last two years a sociology professor known worldwide, took attention of this case. She came with me to meet people from child protection but although I now witness their lies (and many meetings being recorded) abuses continued. The kids were very good, healthy, school going exceptional. In Meanwhile, child protection has not even taken into account the opinion of the school, acquaintances, neighbors, the psychologist. Contrarily to all the evidence, they continued to defend the interests of Finnish father.

On 05.11.2015, I made legal mutation, with children in another town. I got a better job with a double salary and hopefully, get rid of the social services from Tampere. I announced the officials about the move and asked (according to Finnish law ) my transfer to the new home. I demanded authorities to inform also the father about our moving (following the domestic violence our address was a secret and only Finnish authority can give our address to other officials, including the police). After my phone, child protection planned, together with my ex-husband, to take the children from the family. In a document written by child protection is decided that the children's father established with head office worker from child protection to take my children and place them in placement unit.
On 05.15.2015 the children's father, obtained from the court from Tampere ( in 3 hours !!!!!!!) FULL custody of the children on the basis of his statements saying that I am planning run with children in Romania. The decision was made without trial, without me even being heard and even informed.
Starting from 14.05 I began receiving threatening messages on the phone of someone who is executor * sign * We have not received any paper on 15.05 officially. I went to the police with the messages I received from this person. Nobody told me what was going on. In the message was written that an executor on 16.05 will come to take my children if I am not going to a certain address
15.05. Not having any official document and didn’t understand what is going on , I called on 16.05 two families to stay with us. They came at 12 o clock 2 executors and two representatives from child protection who still refused to show us any official document so we could clarify the situation. They just said that they came to see my children, Michael, and Mary. I invite them to meet my children, knowing that in Finnish law, children can not be taken by force, regardless of any court decision, I stayed quiet, even I invited for coffee. I accepted, that those from child protection to go down to talk to them. I stayed relaxed until screams were heard from children: * Help, they are killing us! * Normally I jumped and went to see what it happened. The executors were trying to take my children with force. First reaction was to take them in my arms and protect them with my body, like this I got my ribs broken. * The Fight * is seen in the video, Andreea called the police. On arrival police didn’t find anyone as they grab my children with force, take them in the car and have gone in rush. Only after the children were abducted, child protection services made the decision of taking the children into foster care.

Children's father has no income, no home but got custody by not telling the truth that I want to run away from Finland. Children do not even have passports because their father forbade us to go for six years even to visit Romania. The children's father obtained custody but he gave the children to an orphanage. The children were entrusted to his father last year, on the date 23.09.2015
13.07. My children were taken by emergency social services because they were in serious danger in the house of the father.
On 12.21.2015 children were given to me for temporary adoption. The children slowly began to recover after the traumas suffered, the school said that everything starts normally.
In April 2016 the same judge who took my custody without trial, together with the social child protection / forced us to do a kind of psychiatric investigation. Children were expelled from school for almost a month against Finnish law, according to which the school is obligatory. I have been subjected to psychological trauma during the so-called investigation.

The investigation was done in large part by two nurses and the doctor, who never spoke to the children gave the verdict: between me and the children there is a relationship too close, without specifying the meaning of too close -and this would result in parental alienation. The diagnosis is not approved or recognized in Finland so it's illegal. As a result, on May 16.05 2016 children were picked up by police from school and taken away, Mikhail was sent in the same house in which he was last year and Maria was given to a foster family. Michael , aged 10 years is accused of manipulating his sister Mary. I repeatedly asked the help of the Romanian Embassy in Helsinki but outside of moral support nothing happened. They didn’t even resolve children's birth certificates situation, as legally they are also Romanian citizens but because we had shared custody, their father supposed to agree with their Romanian citizenship, a fact that never happened. As a result of repeated abuse, serious violations of human rights, children's rights and the Treaty of Istanbul, as Romanian citizen, I am asking help from the Romanian state and the EU:

We request urgent repatriation of myself, Jalaskoski Camelia, Andreea Mocanu, Jalaskoski Michael and Maria, following the failure by Finland on Human Rights and Child Rights, treaties that Finland has been signed. The continuation of the abuse by Finnish officials will have irreparable consequences on growth and development of my children
We ask Romanian institutions to get involved at European level to respect Human Rights
We urge Romania to make a complaint to the ECHR, on the article 39 of the Treaty for Human Rights.
We ask that an attorney of international law and human rights, to be chosen by the Romanian state to represent us. A lawyer in Finland cost between 30,000 euros -70.000 I have no money even if I would sell all my things. All that we gathered during the marriage, It was stolen by my former husband (I got rights only on paper, money I have not seen from him) and everything we've worked from 2010 onward (including guards) was taken to court (over 100,000 euros).
We ask that Romania, through its institutions, in the European Parliament to take action in order to stop Nordic Countries in child abuse. Only in Finland, over 20,000 children are taken from families. The Same situation exists in Norway.
Please sign this petition in order to bring attention to Finnish and Romanian institutions regarding my case. Your help is priceless!!!


Camelia Jalaskoski

Please sign this petition in order to bring attention to Finnish and Romanian institutions regarding my case. Your help is priceless!!!

Camelia Jalaskoski

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