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Petitioning Bring the X-Games to Charlotte

Show your support to bring the X-Games to Charlotte

ESPN Network Decision Makers visited Charlotte Motor Speedway June 4th-5th and evaluated our area as a possible site for the Summer X-Games 2014-2016.  ESPN will make their final decision on where to host the next X-Games within 7 days so show ESPN our support for bringing the X-Games to Speed City USA by signing this online petition now!  Please spread the word to everyone you know to sign this petition by July 15th so we can beat out Austin, Detroit, and Chicago, and bring the Summer X-Games to Charlotte NC!

Please also vote on ESPN's X-Games Facebook page to have the 2014-2016 X-Games hosted in Charlotte.  Cast a vote for Charlotte by clicking:

And check out this video from Zach Whyel of Whyelfiles from the skate event at Charlotte Motor Speedway on Tuesday 6/11.


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Bring the X-Games to Charlotte
I'm signing this grass roots petition to show my support for bringing the Summer X-Games 2014-2016 to Charlotte NC and Charlotte Motor Speedway! Thank you for listening, and please bring the Summer X-Games 2014-2016 to Charlotte NC Speed City USA!!!