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Help bring stompa home

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long story short Coppers took my best mate stompa just over 12 months ago now. Apparently he was stolen as a pup witch i was only notified by police 18 months later,  (we got him when he was probably  14-16 weeks old maybe..)  3 police  officers come and took him when I wasn't home and lifted him over the fence to take him and give him back to the so call original owners only to find the warrant that had the last few digits of the microchip number wrong screwed up in the garden.. (mind u the police have come in my yard prior to this for different reasons and pepper-sprayed poor stompa and didnt tell any of us that he done so, so they most of feared for there safty at some point in time, so what makes them think that this time would be any different but will  throw him over the fence this time!!! ) he was microchipped in my name but since he had gone back to these other people they're obviously changed the microchip paperwork out of my name.. i ended up finding out were he was and the blokes name so i contacted him asking if i could offer him money, another pup that he could actually create a bond with, or my car or motorbike what i was trying to sell at the time just  to get him home again but they wouldnt agree. So 12 months have past  i see him on the kill list at the pound so i bust into tears and call the pound and yes its stompa, the bloke from the pound said im not the owner the owen was the one who surrendered him over to the pound.. so ive only just found out at that moment my name had been removed from the microchip. I stated i have copies stating that i did any if it had been chganged ill adopt him if that wat it takes to get him home, thinking surly that would work and it gets him off the "kill list" and considering he has already spent 75% of his life here with us where he was loved and well looked after but no! Im still waiting for answers.. he my best mate my daughters first pet and my partners blue girls boyfriend he was family and we want him back home, 

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