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Help bring our family members home.

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Please help bring my brother, Chan Om home!

On August 26th, 2016 our world's turned upside down. My brother went in for his annual check in with Immigration. He has been a legal working resident for over 36years. Yes, indeed he had made a minor mistake that had a huge impact on his record, over 10+ years ago. He had served his time and paid his dues. We need to end this double/triple punishment of the war victims. They've been traumatized and or has dealt with PTSD. This is uncalled for.

Everyone make mistakes. For the past 10+ some years my brother has turned his life around. He's become a better person. So many obstacles that he had went through just to get to where he's at now.

Came to the states at a very young age as a refugee. Barely escaping for his life during the war in Cambodia. To get a fresh start and get a better education.

He finally was able to find a great job at Cummings Mobility. Chan is well loved and appreciated at work. His boss, co workers and even the CEO want and need him back. They will back him up in trial etc as needed. They believe in him.

During his free time and every event at the Buddhist Temple Munisotaram in Hampton, MN.. he manages the security team. If it weren't for him and his team the festival etc wouldn't run so smoothly. He's also helped build the temple along with others, working long hours in the heat. The newer buildings practically has his name on it. He wants the temple to be a legacy or treasure for our next generation.

Please don't let his accomplishments go down the drain like this.

He's a down to earth man. Chan is funny with a weird sense of humour. He's a kid at heart. He constantly nags and lectures ppl around him because he want others to be better.

My deepest appreciation for this man is the love he has for my daughter. He has been Lily's...FATHER, father figure since birth. Changed her diapers, fed her and helped me raised her during my tough times. He's the only PAPA my daughter knows. It's been almost 7 years, she'll be starting 1st grade next week. She's so heartbroken that her Papa is not around. We see him everyday, I don't know what to tell her when she asks where's her Dad. So this will be very hard on her once she finds out.

The grandkids, nieces, nephews, step kids, mother, father, and Fiancée whom adores and loves him so much. Will miss him dearly if he's to be stripped away from our lives like this. Please help sign this petition and get the word out. Help bring my brother Chan Om and the other detainees that are in holding return to their homes here in the states. Do not deport them to Cambodia! We need them alive and well here in the USA.

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