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Help bring closure to Ray Spencer's 33-year battle against injustice!

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The following is an abbreviated timeline in the Spencer case:

05/1985: Vancouver Police Officer, Clyde Ray Spencer, was wrongfully convicted & imprisoned for nearly 20 years based on fabricated evidence known by the Sheriff's and Prosecutor's Offices

12/2004: Washington Governor Gary Locke commuted Spencer’s 212 year sentence 

09/2010: Ray Spencer was exonerated of all charges, opening the door for civil action against Clark County Sheriff's Deputies Detective Sharon Krause and her supervisor Sgt. Michael Davidson

02/2014: A jury awarded $9 million to Spencer & his children for outrageous civil rights violations

08/2014: In an unprecedented move, a Federal District Court Judge reversed the jury award

05/2017: 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of Ray Spencer and reinstated the $9 million jury award.  The Justices denied Clark County's argument that "it is acceptable to fabricate evidence if a detective believes the defendant is guilty". The Honorable Judge Andrew Hurwitz called this belief “ASTONISHING”

06/2017:  The 9th Circuit denied Clark County's bid for review by the entire 9-member panel

07/2017:  Clark County announced its plan to appeal the 9th Circuit's ruling to the US Supreme Court

This unbelievable case continues to saddle the Clark County taxpayers with unnecessary attorney's fees and the burden of accrued interest at 12% per annum on the $9 million judgement.

Call for action: As petitioners, we respectfully request the Clark County Board of Councilors to withdraw the appeal from the SCOTUS, and to stop further litigation in the Spencer case.

It would be a supreme embarrassment for Clark County to argue before the Supreme Court of the United States as to whether a detective has the right to fabricate evidence to secure a conviction.

Note: This petition was organized by concerned citizens who have followed the Ray Spencer case.  Dr. Spencer, his family, and his legal team are not affiliated with the creation of this petition.

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