#HelpBirmingham Companies Choose Donating over Dumping, Fight Hunger & Turn Zero Landfill

#HelpBirmingham Companies Choose Donating over Dumping, Fight Hunger & Turn Zero Landfill

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Kennan Henderson started this petition to Birmingham City Hall Randall Woodfin and

Signing this petition shows that you support making Birmingham more sustainable, and getting local companies to do more for the communities that need their #Help.

Join The #Help Project in Our Movement to #Help Businesses Become Zero-Landfill and Give More Back to Their Communities.

                       #HelpBirmingham is a program that meticulously collects waste  (including unused foods) from local businesses and converts it into gains by putting it to use in our communities:

  • as Ready-to-Serve Free Food for those in need.
  • as Compost, soil and seeding for Neighborhood Revitalization/Beautification, Edible Park Projects (Vegetables, Fruits and Herbs) and/or Public Greenery in under developed areas. 
  • as Community Products like playground equipment, Smart Bus Stops, Nature Stations, Smart Sidewalks, Signage, Green-ways and Trails.
  • as Materials for our Engineers, Scientist, Local Artist, Makers, and Freelancers to produce furniture, organic products, biodegradable products and other sustainable environmentally healthy products businesses and residents.

The Process:

  1. THE FOOD: We collect food from local restaurants, cafes, etc., before it’s wasted, then we redistribute it to those in need; right here in our city. 
  2. THE PLASTICS & RECYCLABLES:  #HelpBirmingham also currently collects plastics, food waste, metals, glass, cardboard and paper from the commercial waste stream in order to redevelop them into useful materials and products like furniture, sidewalks, smart floor tiles, public park equipment, fuel and supply materials for local makers or community projects. Instead of just selling the raw materials to china or the highest bidder.
  3. THE NON-RECYCLABLES: Upon reaching 25 locations #HelpBirmingham will also be able to collect, store and redevelop all other waste from our partners in order to re-introduce it into the environment in a healthy and friendly manner. Making the companies who partner with us Zero-Waste-to-Landfill.
  4.  SUSTAINABILITY: #HelpBirmingham is a sustainability initiative; we research and implement new processes for each of our clients that reduce their consumption and overstock. The #Help Project is currently developing America's first Shared Sustainability Department complete with a full service manufacturing, processing and recycling facility. With over 50% of our initial equipment purchased and future locations nearly secured. We estimate that upon reaching 60 businesses we will be able to safely operate and maintain our facilities. Giving us the ability to provide upcycling technology like: turning wasted gloves into collection bags that are then collected; re-used and completely diverted from landfills for example.  
  5. THE #HELP NETWORK - COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: #HelpBirmingham uses a database of local (#Helpers) artist, entrepreneurs, craftsmen, engineers, carpenters, designers, scientist, environmental specialist and much more. These #Helpers turn the materials we make from company waste, into profits or donations for the community. From the planning to the execution we involve the local community every step of the way.
  6. THE GOOD DEEDS - COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: #HelpBirmingham is dedicated to helping businesses in the community, do more to actually #Help the community. Our goal is to #HelpBirmingham businesses team up to conquer the challenges our city faces ahead. From protecting our environment and strengthening the economy to providing adequate nutrition and amenities for fellow Birminghamians; the people of Birmingham have the skills to meet the needs of the community. The #Help Cycle is our way of creating a seamless link between:
    • The resources to solve the problem, (Recycled Waste)
    • The people who can solve the problem, (The #Helpers)
    • The actions needed to solve the Problem (research, planning, logistics,)
    •  And The actual problems. (Hunger, Blight, Waste etc,.)

This petition is part of an organized movement to #Help Birmingham improve recycling, decrease unnecessary waste, increase sustainability and raise awareness. 

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