Help Ban Plastic Bags at Wegmans Food Markets

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Wegmans Food Markets has an incredibly loyal and passionate following (myself included).  Just type their name into google, and you will see several recent articles referring to them as trendsetters and leaders when it comes to retail and grocery shopping.  Better yet, visit a location and be impressed first hand. 

Wegmans Food Markets has a huge opportunity to take action when it comes to decreasing single-use plastics, specifically, plastic bags. There are so many actions they could be taking here, and banning the use of plastic bags is a great starting point (check out the progress other cities have made on this).  And what better place for Wegmans to start than Rochester, NY, home of their headquarters!  This is also a great opportunity for our Rochester Community.

Recently, there have been a number of articles stating that Wegmans is hesitant to do this in New York State, in response to Cuomo's initiative, because it will "push more people to use paper bags (which is also damaging to the environment)". Educating consumers on the use of reusable bags is key, as they mention, but they can DO MORE!  They have the power, resources, and responsibility to do more.

Please join me in encouraging Wegmans Food Markets to take even more action when it comes to the environment. Change is possible!  Our dependence on plastic is killing us, wildlife, and the planet. 

Please note I did not include statistics and research on single-use plastic and plastic bags, as they can easily be found on the internet. Please take the time to educate yourself and do some research. There are some pretty horrifying and devastating images and facts out there. It is time for our society to make changes.