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Help BAN pet store & retail outlet sales of puppy mill animals across Ontario

No exercise. No play. No vet care. Dirty food. Cage-wire injuries. Cruelty.

Dogs & cats in Ontario mill facilities do not have access to heat in the winter or cooler conditions in the summer as most mill facilities do not use electricity. The animals are rarely given medical care and are never taken out of their tiny, cramped, and filthy cages. They suffer emotional and psychological problems and are often in a constant state of discomfort, pain, boredom and anxiety.

These facilities operate purely for profit. Animals spend their entire lives breeding until finally they are too old or develop medical conditions. They are then usually shot. The lucky ones are given to animal rescue groups.

Please do not by a puppy or kitten off of Craigslist, Kijiji or a farm - more than likely, they are the products of a puppy mill - and buy your purchase & financial transaction you are ultimately supporting their inhumane practices, methods and facilities. Instead, adopt a dog from a shelter, pound or rescue group, and know that you are not supporting a puppy mill. Further, raise awareness & educate your friends who are thinking of purchasing a dog from these sources. If you absoultely must buy from a breeder, educate yourself before buying a puppy so you do not unknowingly buy from a broker or puppy mill. Brokers buy puppies in bulk from the puppy mills and resell them on Kijiji and Craigslist.

When buying a puppy or kitten, make sure you see both parents of the animal while it is still nursing! If there are no parents, or they won't allow you to see the parents, refuse to buy. A reputable breeder does not operate large kennels, and they do not house their dogs in barns, and they have BOTH parents on sight kept inside the home as pets. Their dogs are CKC registered and they are showing their dogs, and their dogs have their hips, eyes and elbows certified and cleared by a vet and they have the paperwork to prove it. Thousands and thousands of dogs are euthanized in shelters and pounds every year because there are simply not enough homes.


What Is A Puppy Mill?
Puppy mill is a common term used to describe large scale dog breeding operations. The term originated among critics of these operations. Small-scale puppy farming is usually called backyard breeding.

Critics argue that puppy mill operators ignore duties that are standard among responsible dog breeders - raising dogs in humane conditions, providing good socialization and formal training, and screening potential dog owners for suitability. Critics say that these "puppy farmers" are motivated only by profit rather than a commitment to the breed standard or any empathy for the animals in their care. It must be pointed out, however, that some excellent breeders run profitable large-scale operations with knowledgeable staff and superlative veterinary care, so size and motive alone are not indicative of the quality of the breeding program.

Puppy mill dogs may live in overcrowded, inhumane conditions, are poorly socialized, receive no training and often suffer from medical afflictions that are not disclosed to potential buyers. It is not uncommon for these breeders to misrepresent the breed of dog being sold, and the vast majority of these animals are sold to pet stores.

Purchasing dogs from a pet store is therefore strongly discouraged by reputable breeders and animal shelter employees alike; it is assumed that many animal shelter dogs are pet store dogs who were purchased on impulse and abandoned when the owner lost interest. While many pet stores claim to purchase dogs from "local breeders" instead of puppy mills, this is often untrue or is a difference in name only, as reputable breeders generally do not sell animals to pet stores.

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Letter to
Ted McMeekin, MPP
MPP (Parkdale--High Park) Cheri DiNovo
MPP (London North Centre) Deborah Matthews
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MPP (Kitchener Centre) John Milloy
Premier, Government of Ontario Dalton McGuinty
MPP (London--Fanshawe) Teresa J. Armstrong
MPP (Newmarket--Aurora) Frank Klees
MPP (Haldimand--Norfolk) Toby Barrett
MPP (London West) Christopher Bentley
MPP (Oxford) Ernie Hardeman
MPP (Kitchener--Conestoga) Michael Harris
MPP (Carleton--Mississippi Mills) Jack MacLaren
MPP (Lambton--Kent--Middlesex) Monte McNaughton
MPP (Essex) Taras Natyshak
MPP (Chatham--Kent--Essex) Rick Nicholls
MPP (Elgin--Middlesex--London) Jeff Yurek
Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Government of Ontario Ted McMeekin
PIJAC Canada Louis McCann
Legislative Assembly of Ontario Cheri DiNovo, MPP (Parkdale--High Park)
We are a compassionate & kind-hearted committee dedicated to ending the suffering of the thousands of dogs that are currently being housed within deplorable living conditions in puppy mills across Ontario - and encouraging the public to adopt shelter dogs in lieu of shopping at city & regional retail stores/outlets for their pets.

Our mission is to bring public awareness to the world of Ontario puppy mills; with our first order of business being to initiate and work to successfully implement a ban on the sale of puppies and kittens in both pet stores and retail outlets across all regions and cities throughout Ontario.

The animals that are living in puppy mills across Ontario are repeatedly forced to breed as a means of mass production that allows for a relatively easy profit. These loving and curious creatures are forced to live in small wire cages that are often only big enough to allow them to turn around. They live on a thin layer of soiled bedding, and are often not provided with food or water. They are subjected to abuse and they face an inhumane death if they do not perform in the way that they are expected to, or if they become ill as a result of the environment in which they are forced to live. All of the puppies that are produced in these puppy mills are sold in pet stores and retail outlets across Ontario.
There is an estimated 100 puppy mills that are currently operating in Ontario that we would ultimately desire to have shut down. However, this is a rather large undertaking with several legalities involved. Therefore the first step is to make a large impact on their profit by banning the sale of puppies and kittens in pet stores and retail outlets across Ontario.

Every pound, shelter, Humane Society and rescue group is overflowing with dogs that need homes. Every day, dogs and cats are euthanized simply because there are just not enough homes. We, as a society, need to take responsibility for this pet overpopulation. The trend today is to adopt a dog, and we want this trend to keep going forward. Coupled with spaying and neutering pets, adoption is the only way to empty out our shelters, pounds, and rescue groups. Puppy mills are mass producing puppies and selling them to pet stores where people tend to ‘impulse’ buy a puppy. This needs to be stopped. We want to encourage everyone to adopt, not to shop.

Thankfully, both Toronto and Mississauga have successfully passed and have begun to implement this purposed ban. This is a rather innovative step towards creating change. We thank you for your time in reviewing this letter, and we ask that you participate in supporting an environment that strives to advocate for those without a voice. Your support can make all the difference, and will save lives.


People Against Puppy Mills Ontario

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