Preservation: The act of keeping something safe from harm.

Preservation: The act of keeping something safe from harm.

August 29, 2019
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State Historic Preservation Officer Beth McCord
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Started by Marla Ailor

We’re not giving up.  The Westfield Preservation Alliance (WPA) has stayed engaged in a long and arduous battle to preserve Westfield’s Historic Downtown and its status on the National Register of Historic Places, but that status is in jeopardy and we need your help.

Eleven buildings and one bridge on the south side of State Road 32, recognized by the Federal government and the State of Indiana for their historical significance for their age and architecture, face demolition due to three development projects.  In particular, Westfield's oldest building, a pre-Civil War Era building, will be lost as no commitment has been made to date. 

To be abundantly clear, this is not an effort to stop those projects but rather, an effort drafted in the spirit of compromise, understanding, and negotiation that pays respect to, and maintains Westfield's cultural and historic resources.

WPA has spent the better part of three years conferring with, testifying in front of, and meeting with city leaders and engineers, Indiana Landmarks, INDOT, the Indiana Historic Preservation Review Board, the State Historic Preservation Officer, and Indiana Department of Natural Resources to ensure the stories of these buildings and the structures themselves, Westfield’s heritage, remain a part of our lives today. 

The National Trust for Historic Places says in part, Westfield’s historic sites are irreplaceable.  From icons of architecture, historic sites are physical reminders of the diversity of our experiences and the history we share.  They can celebrate triumphs or challenge us to confront the harsh realities of our past.  But Westfield’s historic places can’t be replaced once they are destroyed.  We want to empower you to campaign for threatened historic sites in our own community.

Therefore, we have edited this petition to be presented to the Indiana Historic Preservation Review Board during an upcoming meeting on April 14th at Westfield City Hall (at 1 pm) opposing the demolition of these buildings.  The Board has been asked to grant a Certificate of Approval of the city’s planned widening of State Road 32, but we fervently believe there are other alternatives which can create a symbiosis that will alleviate the corridor mobility problems without destroying our historic resources which will ultimately cause the removal of Westfield’s Historic Downtown from the National Register of Historic Places. 

Because you, a supporter of Westfield’s history and preservation, signed our previous petition, we wanted to update you by letting you know, it’s not too late to act!  Please reaffirm your support of the preservation of Westfield’s Historic Downtown.

Thank you for caring about Westfield's history,


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This petition had 311 supporters

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