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Help Americans Get the Health Insurance They Deserve!


48 million Americans don’t have health insurance.

Open enrollment starts in less than 150 days, but most uninsured Americans don't know that they will soon have access to affordable health insurance. You have a historic opportunity to do something about it. 

Join Get Covered America today and lead the way in the grassroots campaign to make sure as many Americans as possible get the information they need about their coverage options under the Affordable Care Act.

Get Covered America is a grassroots campaign dedicated to making sure as many Americans as possible take advantage of the opportunity to sign up for new health insurance coverage made possible by the Affordable Care Act.

We're putting together a group of leaders, activists, and their friends to start spreading the word – and we need your help.

Your friends, family, and neighbors -- especially the uninsured -- need know that they can enroll in new health insurance coverage. The first open enrollment period has a short window of time, from October 1st to March 31st. That means we only have six months to make sure that as many Americans as possible take advantage of open enrollment and get access to quality health insurance.

Six months is not a lot of time, but voices like yours can go a long way to raise awareness about this window as well as the benefits, financial security, and peace of mind that come with having health insurance coverage.

Join Get Covered America and lend a hand.

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