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Help Amber Phelps get back into The Learning Center

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Two years ago I attended The learning center. My mother thought I wasn't being treated fairly there by other students, so wanted me to be pulled out. Also, she believed it would be a better choice academically if I attended a "normal" high school. I at the time wanted to leave too, because of her decisions. But now, I have attended Tates Creek High school, since freshman year til now. My anxiety has stopped me from going to school. I have panic attacks everyday before school, and end up not going. I have missed so far, 9 school days due to my anxiety, and it is only been 6 weeks since school began.

For one, I do not think TLC should hinder me because of the "choice" I made, (even though my mom wanted this for me.) I was a month into being 15 when I left TLC, I am a minor. I shouldn't be held accountable for making such a big decision at this age, and yes, I was only listening to my mother in this situation. I will be going on 17 next month. And now, I believe TLC is the best choice for me. Just because I cannot attend a regular high school. I get way too stressed, and have crying spells before school on the daily. I am in therapy, and on medication for these problems but that only helps so much. 

If I could go back to the learning center, or some other alternative school, I would actually enjoy school and want to go. The school would be much smaller, the teachers would be more understanding, and the curriculum would make much more sense to me. I fear asking questions in class due to the fact I'm scared that I will get laughed at or judged for being "stupid" by other students. When I went to tlc I wasn't scared to ask questions because many of the other students had the same ones. 


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