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This rare disorder is Named Trigeminal Neuralgia and caused by my Brother's honorable Service Flying in the Navy. The VA in Vermont has not helped his condition for over 12 years. There is an MVD operation that can be performed and it totally cures approximately 85% of the patients, although the VA does not have the expertise. Private hospitals do these operations, but the VA will not authorize the expense. Pure TORTURE for him and he desperately needs your assistance!! Sign this petition and contact your Senator or the VA. He is an honorably discharged veteran with a service connected disability. This started from an aircraft fire on takeoff in Japan and the VA has abandoned him.

If you want to research this dreadful disorder, just put the words "Suicide Disease" in your browsers search  box and see how this disorder comes up. Some who cannot stand the physical and emotional turmoil just check out early rather than suffer as if tortured with pain all the time. It takes a drastic toll on a person and my brother needs help asap.

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  • U.S.Senator Patrick Leahy, VT & the U.S. Veterans Administration

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