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Designate the Columbian Mammoth as the official South Carolina state fossil

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My name is Olivia McConnell and I am an 8 year old who needs your help. I love science, and I love fossils. Fossils tell us a lot about our past and how things lived. I want to be an Egyptologist when I grow up.

I think the Columbian Mammoth should be the official state fossil where I live in South Carolina, but some people in the government do not want that to happen because they don't feel as passionately about making science fun and exciting for everyone. I know that they will change their mind if you sign my petition because they don't know how much this means to a lot of people who care about science and history.

I came up with three good reasons why my state needs an official fossil:

(1) The first vertebrae fossil in North America (the Columbian Mammoth) was discovered in South Carolina in 1725.

(2) South Carolina doesn't have a state fossil, but 43 other states already do.

(3) Fossils tell us a lot about our past so this is a way to be proud of our history. 

My family likes to eat at a restaurant called "The Chat-N-Chew" and they have a menu with all of the South Carolina state symbols...and I learned every single one. I realized that I didn't see a state fossil and I don't understand why. I do love fossils, so I started doing some research.

Then I started sending letters to my South Carolina legislators. Senator Johnson and Representative Ridgeway think I have a good idea so they introduced this as House Bill 4482. Most people thought my idea was going to happen because they liked it so much! But now it is stuck in some committee because of a couple of people who don't love fossils as much as so many of us. One objection added a verse from the Bible to the bill (I believe in God, but don't know what that has to do with this) and one asked that there would be no more state emblems.

I don't really understand why it is not passing now, because this was just a simple idea about recognizing our state history. I just want my state to get credit for this fossil find that was the first vertebrate in North America. I don't want that history to be lost. It's so cool!

I known that I am just 8, but I care about making a difference in the world and I want everyone to know that big or small, change can happen if you just believe and never give up on your passions. 

Please join me in asking the South Carolina Legislation to pass Bill 4482 to designate the Columbian Mammoth the official state fossil of South Carolina.

Thanks also to my mom for giving me permission to do this petition and talk about it on the news!

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