Make No Man's Sky immersive!

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Since No Man's Sky hit shelves we had a dream, a dream of an immersive space game, a bit sim-like but still arcade and fun. But sadly one thing was missing.
With missing we don't mean a lack of content, quality or mechanics, we are talking about the one thing, which was supposed to define the sense of immersion, a term which proved itself to be very important, regarding the major successful game releases of the last years.

The thing we are talking about is space realism, which was created by solar rotation/planetary rotation and seamless travel/deep space.

What doesn't seem to important on the first thought is the main reason why the game often crushes it's own illusion for many players of the No Man's Sky Community. A Community which is diverse and loyal. Many of us are geeks with a fable for space games or science fiction. We love to get lost in the dream-come-true experience No Man's Sky delivers.

But this feeling gets lost whenever you decide to stand still for a second, think and look at the universe you traveled for such a long time now. Everything becomes stiff undynamic and lifeless. Planets don't rotate around their own axes or even around their celestial body. The beauty of an always changing alignment of planets and the stars isn't there. the immersion of a solar system gets lost, you can't ignore the feeling that you are exploring a simple level anymore.

But if you dare trying to ever leave the solar system, flying into direction of an interesting star you did spot on the dark void around you, or even getting close to it's sun you realize you are trapped here as well. the only way to leave this place, is to open the map select another system and watch the loading animation until you magically get there.

Dear Hello Games why don't you immerse us with allowing us to take the risk to not take the safe route. To fly into the unknown and maybe even find some things long forgotten on the way, or even getting stranded. (for example in higher difficulty modes of the game)

But wait didn't Hello Games state planetary rotation was in fact part of the game on one point? Yes they did! According to their statement they sadly changed it, because play testers were to confused by it's concept. for example flying from a space station to a planet and after taking off again the space station could be on the other side of the planet you just visited. 

Well but we think, we are not just some play testers, we are the fans of this game, we are the Community of No Man's Sky, a creative, loyal and diverse group of people sharing the same passion. Creating our own empires and lore. Writing our own history.

Dear Sean please come back to the game you imagined and give us back the way it was intended to be.

Dear Hello Games, dear Sean,
from the bottom of our hearts we ask you to hear us out and make the universe we inhabit a better place, a place that feels right.

a place that is immersive.


Dear fellow interloopers, pirates and outlaws, explorers and traders, help us to reach out to Hello Games, and tell them what we wish for!

The Universe needs YOU!



Well why not now, the game clearly did need some updates, and we are happy that Hello Games took their time, didn't let us down and gifted us with all the new amazing content. But now it might be the time to look at the place they improved and filled with new stories and adventures. Now might be the time to make it feel immersive and worthwhile.


We are the Community of No Man's Sky, but to this point you probably already know that. The idea for this petition comes from the Modding Discord of No Man's Sky, where people tried to mod in all this stuff we explained, but didn't succeed. We tried for a long time. But since Hello Games always listend to the ideas of our Modders and acknowledged the stuff we created, we now want to ask for help with the one big goal we couldn't achieve on our own. We need your help Hello Games.


We, the Community of No Man's Sky want; seamless travel, deep space, solar and planetary rotation. Please help us to reach out to Hello Games!