Asking WotC to reconsider their 2016 and 2017 premier play updates announced at PTSOI.

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Asking WotC to reconsider their 2016 and 2017 premier play updates announced at PTSOI.

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Sunday 24th of April, at Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad, Helene Bergeot announced some 2016 and 2017 premier play updates (more info on

One of these changes was that starting with the 2016-2017 Premier Play season, appearance fees for players with Platinum status in the Pro Tour Players Club will be decreased (from $3000 to $250 for competing at a Pro Tour).

The main problem with this announcement is that many Pro players have been playing in a lot of tournaments this past year in order to achieve Platinum status. Now that some of them are close to reaching their goal (or already have), it is announced that they will no longer receive the benefits they have counted on.

Within a few hours after the announcement, Twitter ran rampant with comments on the announced change. Here are some of the reactions from the players who will likely be affected by the change (those who have already locked in Platinum for next year and those who are well on their way to Platinum):

Petr Sochurek: I can't describe how angry I am right now. For the past 6 years or so I dedicated my life to become a pro player one day and make a living out of it (even if it would be for only a couple of years) and they took all that away from me.

Yuuya Watanabe: GG Pro Magic. Let's go next game.

Oliver Polak-Rottmann: Changes on professional play makes me super angry. At least I can skip some GPs now...

Joel Larsson: All of a sudden, I'm not very happy about clinching platinum yesterday. It means I'm not sure I can continue playing.

Paul Rietzl: I can't believe they won't honor prizes (next years platinum benefits) they advertised for tournaments. That has to get fixed before we can talk. When I think of all the GPs I attended to make Platinum, instead of spending time with my family or advance my career, I deeply regret the time, money and effort I've invested in Magic. I feel really let down right now by Hasbro.

Ken Yukihiro: It's precisely because Wizards has been providing a stable incentive for pros, that pros have been able to dedicate themselves to Magic in good conscious, and meanwhile continue providing high quality decks and high level play at their competitive events. That's the Wizards-Pro relationship, and I pray for the continuation of that relationship in the future.

Gabriel Nassif: Hearing the changes Helene Bergeot announced about the Magic Pro Tour made me feel sick to my stomach and I’m not even really impacted. It’s just unacceptable that the 10-15 players who worked hard to get to Platinum but aren’t gonna Q for Worlds are getting so screwed. It’s 1 thing if WotC has decided they don’t need Pro player anymore. It’s another to deny the Platinum players what has been promised tot hem.

Other Pro Players and/or Hall of Fame members have already written about the change in a blog.

Brian Kibler (HOF member):

Matt Sperling (Platinum Pro):

John Finkel (HOF member):

However, this change does not only affect the Platinum players. If Platinum players can no longer make a living off of Magic, there will be less articles written by them, less innovating decks and maybe most important: people will lose their Heroes. Underneath are some reactions on Twitter from people within the community.

Michael Darnell: At some point WotC has to give back to the community. Street feels one way, even for a consumer-corporate relationship. Even at its best, the announcement at a PT was tone deaf and poorly timed. I'm not even about that pro life. I like playing dumb casual zombie decks. But it was nice to have a top level of the game to watch.

Kasey Malone: I play MTG because I love it. The Pros helped me develop that love so much. This is ridiculous. Why spit on them?

Nate Walker: I want what's good for the game and I think having a strong pro community is good for all of us.

Akash Naidu: Hope, what we lose is hope...

Hilary Mills: The pros are a huge part of my love for the game. You deserve to be respected and appropiately compensated by WotC

Stephen: This decision hurts the trust of the company, and the game as a whole. We'll stand with you for a better game.

With this petition, we would like to ask Wizards of the Coast to reconsider the announced changes.

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This petition had 2,369 supporters