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Create separate Sexuality and Gender ID consultative councils on Malta

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Despite the overlap in many areas it is apparent that the combination of sexuality and gender identity based advocacy groups is fraught with problems

Firstly not all Trans people are gay, bi, poly or a sexual yet the term LGBT gives the impression they are and that the groups form one homogeneous community - WE DO NOT 

Secondly most LGB people are cisgender and are not aware of the issues faced by Trans people first hand; they are therefore unqualified to speak on our behalf let alone make decisions that affect us 

Thirdly LGBT advocacy groups are heavily biased towards issues of sexuality and  therefore many Trans people feel marginalised especially those who are heterosexual and have no voice - take supposedly LGBT groups in Malta which continue to use names that reflect only a Gay agenda such as MGRM and therefore are exclusive 

Fourthly many Trans people wish this separation as a range of articles demonstrates as do many LGB people 

Fifthly from TERFS to the purely ignorant Transphobia is as rampant as it is within the LGB community as outside 

Sixthly Trans rights are ignored or given a lower priority with the LGBT banner that LG issues (often the case too with bi, poly or asexuality) 

Seventhly a separate Trans council will be better able to focus on the issues of non binary and intersex people 


We therefore call upon the Government to disband the current consultative council and establish 2 councils one to deal soley with issues of sexuality the other solely with issues of gender identity 


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