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Petitioning Mayor of Houston Annise Parker and 17 others

Allow bicycles to ride all Houston public skateparks.


The City of Houston and Houston Park & Recreation Department have decided to limit access to Houston public skateparks to skateboarders and inline skaters.  We attended a City Council meeting to address this topic and they issued a memo that conflicts with the parks's signage and HPRD website disallowing bicycles.  The memo states bicycles are allowed at the 5 "above ground" prefab metal skateparks but not the $2 million Lee and Joe Jamail (downtown) concrete skatepark.  Reasons stated for disallowing bikes into the downtown park include: it "is a relativley compressed skatepark and is not designed for bikes and skateboards to co-exist. The skatepark was built with private funds for skaters."

Currently under construction is the U.S. largest public concrete skatepark.  This park is in the Greesnpoint area at the corner of Kuykendahl and Rankin Rd.  Bicycles are not to be allowed here as well despite the size and use of public funds to build the park.   Ok, say we buy their argument for disallowing bicycles in the downtown park.  Then why are bicycles disallowed in the U.S. largest skatepark? 

Please help us fight discrimination by signing our petition, spreading the word and contacting your City Council Member to express your concern.  Keep up to date here:!/groups/345626008901218/

Letter to
Mayor of Houston Annise Parker
Houston City Council Member Larry Green (Houston City Council Member)
Houston City Council Member Mike Laster (Houston City Council Member)
and 15 others
HPARD director Joe Turner
Houston City Council Member Jack Christie
Houston City Council Member C.O. Bradford
Houston City Council Member Melissa Noriega
Houston City Council Member Andrew C. Burks, Jr.
Houston City Council Member Stephen C. Costello
Houston City Council Member Dave Martin
Houston City Council Member Oliver Pennington
Houston City Council Member Al Hoang
Houston City Council Member Wanda Adams
Houston City Council Member Ellen Cohen
Houston City Council Member Jerry Davis
Houston City Council Member Helena Brown
Houston City Council, District H Ed Gonzalez
Houston City Council Member James G. Rodriguez (Houston City Council Member)
Allow bicycles to ride all Houston public skateparks.