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Southwark Council have gone ahead with a road closure around East DULWICH on Melbourne Grove, Elsie Road, Derwent Road and Tintagel Crescent. There seems to be a large number of locals and traders within the area whom doesn't agree with this decision. The council haven't  consulted any of the businesses on Melbourne Grove but have consulted few residents, the idea behind this is ofcourse to provide a healthier and less polluted street's however the closure of the road so far has created major stand still traffic on Lordship Lane, GROVE VALE,  EAST Dulwich Grove. Over the last few day's the area is completely full off stress and  congested roads.  A road closure unfortunately has slowed down passing trade for all businesses, this will result in slowly killing the businesses on Melbourne Grove East DULWICH.  Melbourne Grove becoming Access Only is stopping the opportunity of businesses gaining more custom. During the current pandemics it is, very difficult for all businesses further pressure on businesses just doesn't make sense.  As mentioned road closures could maybe benefit however we traders of MG strongly believe this hasn't been thought well. Please sign and share this petition and help us survive our businesses. A closure of road's should be consulted with the whole area not just with few local residents please also consider the businesses. Using the terms emergency pandemics doesn't justify road closures. Please STOP these closures, and let's support our local independent businesses it's difficult enough returning from lockdown, and soon to follow CPZ AND NOW A CLOSURE WHAT'S NEXT?