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Make Harahan City Gov't Abide by its Zoning Laws

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This is a petition from citizens of Harahan requesting the Harahan City Council deny the request to rezone the property located at 6915 Jefferson from R1 to C2 commercial (or C1).

I. Harahan has a legal process for instituting zoning changes. This process does not appear to have been followed in several particulars.
1. The Planning and Zoning Commission does not have the required number (nine) of members.
2. The members of that Commission have not had the legally mandated training/education.
3. The Commission did not had a quorum at the relevant meeting.
4. The legally required appropriate plat does not appear to have been made and presented.
5. The Commission has not, to the best of our knowledge, submitted, its report to the City within the legally mandated 10 days after its meeting.
6. The proposal does not provide for the legally required parking spaces. We do not want the overflow parking to come into our neighborhood.
7. Harahan zoning laws are in place to protect our Harahan community. As voters our concerns should be paramount when considering zoning changes, especially from residential to commercial. We demand that our zoning laws be followed and that the Mayor and City Council protect the voters they are elected to serve.
In light of the above, it seems certain that Harahan would become involved in a law suit if the change is approved.

II. Such a zoning change would be detrimental to Harahan for a number of reasons.
1. The conversion to commercial use in the form of the proposed restaurant and reception hall – note that banquets and catering services would not be precluded – would disrupt a peaceful, quiet, family oriented neighborhood that has existed for many decades.
2. No studies have been done to determine the likely effects on sewerage and drainage, but they can only be negative.
3. No studies have been done regarding the likely effects on traffic and parking, but, again, they can only be negative.

III. Such a zoning change is alleged to benefit Harahan by generating increased sales tax revenue. However, a business plan has not been presented that would allow a forecast of such revenue.

IV. If the property is rezoned, it will be permanent in the sense that once it is changed, the owner(s) may put it to any other use permissible under C-2 status.
1. One possibility is that the proposed restaurant might fail, causing the owner(s) of the property to seek an alternative use.
2. Because the property fronts on Carolyn Drive, then with but a five foot clearance between it and the next residence on Carolyn Drive a forty-five foot structure could be erected to serve any CV-2 purpose. 

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