Have Heineken sell Orchard Thieves cider in the US

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During a trip to the UK, I came across Orchard Thieves Hard Apple Cider made by Heineken UK. Immediately my fiance (gf at the time) and I fell in love with it and we tried to order/enjoy it as much as we could while we were there. After getting back home in Missouri, USA I looked to see if I could order/buy some to enjoy on a regular basis. To our horror we found out that it is a Heineken UK only item and even more so to my horror, US customs does not allow the importation of cider (though they allow cigars, beer, wine, hard liquor, and other alcoholic goods). I even inquired with a customs official and they confirmed that the only way to get cider in the US is if it is made in the US, or bring it back in your luggage. So during a second trip to the UK/Europe, we ended up bringing back a bunch of bottles in our luggage (declared of course) to enjoy at special events (so far birthdays, New Years, etc) and will be finishing off the last of our 4 bottles at our wedding in June. I have inquired with Heineken USA and Heineken UK several times over the past two years and they say they have no plans of bringing Orchard Thieves to the US market. I think this is a terrible mistake and should be changed. I would describe Orchard Thieves as a sweeter version of Angry Orchard, with the crispness of Woodchuck. I further believe that all those, like my fiance and myself, that love sweeter drinks would also love to be able to enjoy Orchard Thieves here in the United States.

tldr I want to convince Heineken to start selling Orchard Thieves Hard Apple Cider because it is a delicious, sweet hard cider.