Have Heineken sell Orchard Thieves cider in the US

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I got Orchard Thieves in the United States!!!

Hey everyone! Thanks for showing that I'm not the only one who's wanting this. I've got some great news for you all though, I found a company that will ship Orchard Thieves to the US (don't know how they get it through customs, don't care).

So after almost exactly 3 years after my first taste of Orchard Thieves, 2 trips to the UK/Europe (all while trying to get some at every meal), and constantly searching for a way to get it in the US (beyond someone putting it in their carry-on) I finally found a way to get it in the US! So excited! Tastes amazing!


I just received (x3) 2L jugs and it definitely is Orchard Thieves! So even with Heineken saying they won't be bringing it to the US marketplace, we can now all still enjoy it!

Even though the jugs are for a home tap/draught system you can still use the supplied tube in the cap and pour it out into a glass. Tastes delicious and super satisfying!


Matthew Jincks
10 months ago