Air bag deployment kills small adult drivers!

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Anna Wyatt
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I am a small adult who sits about 4 or 5 inches away from the steering wheel in my car, which is where the driver's side air bag is located.  Because I sit less than 10 inches away from the air bag, I am at serious risk of suffering serious injury or death from the force of the airbag as it deploys if I am in an accident ( and )  This means that when I need to buy a new car, I need to have the airbag deactivated or an air bag on-off switch installed on my car before I leave the dealership.  But currently this is not possible!  It can take up to 6 months to get approval from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to make my car safe for me to drive!  And even after I get this letter from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, many car dealerships and mechanics refuse to deactivate the air bag or install an air bag on-off switch because they are afraid that I will sue them when the air bag doesn't deploy!  This is not acceptable!  Tell Heidi King that small adults should have the right to have the air bag deactivated or the air bag on-off switch installed before leaving the car dealership so they don't have to be worried about being killed if their airbag deploys.  Tell your local car dealership that you support the deactivation of airbags and or the installation of an air bag on-off switch for small adults and other persons whose lives are endangered by the use of an airbag.

Thank you for your help.