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Better outcomes for drug addicted babies & children in foster care.

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My mission is to change the laws in NJ and across the United States of America to help the children born drug addicted.  I want to hold the drug addicted biological parents accountable for their poor decisions and life-choices.  We need to be a united voice for the innocent babies and children who were born under horrible circumstances.  The babies who are born addicted usually have numerous health issues that endure pain and suffering.  This happens for weeks, to months after delivery and maybe even longer.  

I want to propose a more strict timeline of goals that needs to met for any child placed in the Foster Care System because of drug addiction.  Each child shall and should have the goal of child reunification with their biological parents.    If a biological parent cannot commit to a clean living lifestyle within 12 month time frame their parental rights should be terminated.  Within that 12 month time frame......monthly random and weekly drug screens with negative results, in house rehabilitation, therapy, mental health evaluation, visitation, weekly check-in with Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCP&P) Caseworker, DCP&P recommendations along with drug and or family court mandated recommendations towards reunification of their child must be completed.  

If for any reason the biological parents cannot overcome their addictions within that said 12 month time frame with the possibility for a one time extension of three months, for a positive drug screen or lapse of treatment, then it would be deemed that the parents legal rights to the child/children shall be terminated.  The child/children would be legally free to be adopted by Kin/Kinship, Foster Family or other interested party.  If at that time of 15 months and the biological parents have not complied with the court order and DCP&P, the child or children shall be expedited to adoption.  

The children who are born addicted to the hard drugs like Heroin and opiates are on the rise.  The biological parents are having a harder and harder time fighting their addictions. We need to make the future outcome better for these children who deserve the best life possible.  This babies are born with low birth weight, fetal withdrawal symptoms, administered morphine to help them with withdrawal symptoms.

We need the state of New Jersey's politicians to approve and pass NJ Assembly Bill 913 passed in New Jersey.  See the link below and type in 913.

NJ Bill 913:  Requires resource family parent, relative, preadoptive parent, or caretaker to be party to reviews or hearings involving a child under the Division of Child Protection and Permanency in the Department of Children and Families' care.

11/18/2016 I emailed each and every politician across the 40 Districts in the state of New Jersey to bring awareness to these innocent children in the Foster Care, but right now I need your help to back me voice up.

Please take a moment and sign my petition for the innocent whose voices who can very rarely be heard in court.


Heidi J. Davis 

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