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Good news... Kind of...

Noel Kelly
Dublin, Ireland

Aug 27, 2013 — Elizabeth Matveeva, one of the authors of the petition in support of Manifesta in St. Petersburg
"I do not really believe in the power of a petition. For me, our petition - it is primarily a gesture. That is me and my like-minded goal was to show the directorate "manifesto" that St. Petersburg is interested in the Biennale of people, because we are very upset that neither the media nor St. Petersburg, working in the field of art, did not comment on the petition against the "manifesto". We would like to start a dialogue, discussion and provoke a reaction. And we did that, because the first day on "Facebook are" things started to boil and stir. Of course, the "Manifesta"

There will be some difficulty in organizing the festival because of the number of dissenting people in Europe. But I think, as opposed to them there was the same amount of support the holding of the "Manifesto" in St. Petersburg."

Our Numbers disagree!


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