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Hednesford Town Council

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Started by Andrew Coombes

Hednesford Town Council have given custody of the community centre to a 3rd party, causing displacement and loss of business to other users. It’s been done in secrecy behind closed doors and residents have been totally ignored in favour of one group getting priority over everybody else. There are also suspicions of nepotism.

The Pye Green Community Centre belongs to the whole community in equal measure amongst it's entire population of 17000 people. Now more than ever we need this community centre, as a nine month study has revealed the pandemic has had a worsening mental health impact on UK Adults.

‘Key indicators of distress among UK adults – including loneliness, suicidal thoughts and not coping well with stress, are worse now than at the start of the pandemic, according to new research by the Mental Health Foundation and its university partners’ (source:

Pye Green Community Centre’s huge value for all the residents who rely on it as a focal point is immeasurable, and the fact it has been taken from us with no publicity or consultation is damming on the councillors who enabled this to happen.

With seven Chase Community Independents on the council holding the power, these councillors who normally shout about transparency and representation for the community - where was the community involvement?? How can you turn your backs on the community you say you always strive to represent their concerns? How can you criticise other parties for "secrecy". How dare you!

Please sign the petition to reverse this ludicrous decision and give Pye Green Community Centre back to WHOLE community.

Thank you.

733 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!