Hedge Fund Chief seeks Bankruptcy of Innocent Cyclist

Hedge Fund Chief seeks Bankruptcy of Innocent Cyclist

11 August 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Niall Morgan

Chief Financial Officer for a capital management firm, Cheyne Capital with more than £7.85 billion in assets, why? Can he be allowed to sue someone on Universal Credit and PIP living in council housing, for his falsified injuries from private Dr's and supposed yet undisclosed losses for time off work in the Royal Courts of Justice. See here, he's never left - who would, having a stake in this?

Yet their case for a long time was that he'd lost his job, as you'll see ... Gary Ibbott's lies shouldn't go unpunished. Nor the others responsible, PC G.Hamilton the officer who originally charged me, and Barrett, Ibbott's solicitor, both lying through their teeth.

Yesterday (10/8/22) received by post a statutory demand for my bankruptcy resulting from in excess of £41,000 of legal costs, before any damages have even been calculated or awarded against me. I'm adamant throughout from telling the truth, Legal aid should be available to those with low-incomes in civil matters such as this.

PLEASE SIGN for a miscarriage of justice to be reassessed!

I'm certain you will be as I am, that this particular case is wrong, ENTIRELY wrong, and I invite you to read the story and judge for yourself;

6/3/17 between 9:30 and 9:45, As a cycle courier already well into my days' work, I'm forced into the middle of St James southbound off Piccadilly by road works taking up the left-hand lane and aggressive drivers intent on getting where they need to be quickly. In between traffic islands on my right and 4 vehicles to my left within a half metre gap, I slow to walking pace approaching a zebra crossing already cautious to avoid being hit, already having narrowly avoided it getting there. 

At this pace, I've seen cars in the queue zip through it, between pedestrians crossing, still enclosed by them on my left-hand side and unable to see past them, the closest car accelerates briefly and I briefly stop braking down the slight hill only for them to stop violently, leaving me less than metre from Ibbott crossing promptly. We both fell together as I'd come off the bike trying stop, as 3 pedestrians rush over helping me and him up, I apologised to him, he accepts whilst all 3 pedestrians assure me "it wasn't your fault", he is clearly aware of this and has no argument with it whilst we've brought him to his feet with only a slight bump on the head. I've stayed there believing I should do the right thing, whilst aggravated drivers behind have sped off. An ambulance is called by one of the witnesses, his response "I think so" when asked 'are you alright?' not seeming sufficient, almost immediately a police officer arrives and takes me aside, unwilling to let me speak to, or ask the 3 witnesses to corroborate their insistence that "it wasn't your fault". He has seen nothing, nor spoken to anyone other than me, and tells me I'm going to be charged taking a statement that he later described as "difficult to understand", despite the fact that I can see his writing contains almost nothing of what I tried to explain to him, just a brief synopsis he has made judging what he has heard me say. He added later he suspected 'slight mental illness' in his description of my statement at the time, regardless of him potentially being correct it didn't give him the right to ignore me telling him the truth. We were both examined by the ambulance at the time, neither of us seemingly representing an emergency. What happened to Ibbott the 'victim' then I have tried for a long time to find out.

I made this statement quoted verbatim in italics on 15/3/17, and naively believing that my honesty and willingness to co-operate, alongside being told by the only witnesses "it wasn't your fault", and having passed that on both at the time, then in the statement below to the police that I would be able to defend myself. I was wrong thinking the truth would prevail.

"Approaching the pedestrian crossing where the incident occurred pedestrian roadworks forced me into the middle of the road from the left hand side. Four vehicles (2 vans, 2 cars) were stopping at this pedestrian crossing beside the aforementioned barrier. Due to this, approaching the crossing forced me between these vehicles and traffic islands in the middle of the road within a gap less than of less than half a meter in width. An uncomfortable space in which I was stopping, as before reaching the vehicles I had seen 3 pedestrians approach to cross from the left hand (Eastern) side of the road. These pedestrians completed crossing whilst I was still slowing towards the crossing with the aforementioned vehicles tightly enclosing me on the left hand side. At this point I saw the furthest forward vehicle briefly accelerate to me suggesting that the crossing was no longer being crossed, this was further confirmed by the fact that I had seen the original 3 pedestrians begin crossing the right hand side of the road. This brief moment led me to stop braking with my vision still entirely obscured on the left hand side [by the enclosing vehicle] with regard to the pedestrian crossing. As I approached the crossing a man walking very promptly looking directly ahead of himself [G.Ibbott] appeared within a meter of me, my second attempt to stop was therefore unsuccessful. I would reiterate that 3 bystanders at least, [those who helped both of us to our feet] all reassured me that this was not my fault".

Despite this statement not allowed to be used as evidence, during this hearing all of this was explained by me verbally in similar great depth to the court, where none of this that I "saw as a matter of fact" was challenged by the judge who acknowledged that I was being entirely honest, and given that Ibbott still insisted on having no recollection of the incident and PC Hamilton not being present, had no means to challenge it.
 I stand by the entirety of this description, and underline that 3 pedestrians who witnessed it "assured me it was not my fault", almost certainly due to the nature of my enclosure on the wrong side of the road by aggressive drivers around roadworks approaching the crossing. As this has and is accepted as being the truth then I would ask how an unbiased court could have found me guilty?

I was charged with 'cycling without due and attention' on 7/12/18, the quoted statement I made was never allowed or mentioned in court, the PC who saw nothing was a witness against me, and Ibbott was supported by the firm he'd already started his personal injury claim with in the Royal Courts of Justice. No evidence of his supposed injuries was provided then during my conviction, and none has been produced since, only private Dr's paid for assessments of hospital records that have yet to materialise, despite a freedom of information request I made in October 2017 about these injuries and am still trying now to pursue, (I now have a court order towards). I requested the CCTV from the incident, that was apparently unavailable as I was sure it would have shown my innocence.

Daily Mail's Lies

The Sun's lies

I was fined £430 for the incident, £30 was the amount judged due to 'victim' of this. At the time I was immediately slandered in the Daily Mail and The Sun newspaper, calling the fine "a let off" amongst a number of exaggerations and insults describing me as behaving aggressively to Ibbott and a police witness, where Ibbott lied "To this day I still have not had an apology from Mr. Morgan", who they depicted as having been 'ploughed down', these lies have persisted in a far more serious extent in the claim at the Royal Courts of Justice, where they quote a paid Dr as suggesting the collision took place at 25mph, from the injuries he says he has seen. This claim is still ongoing today, my inability to understand how to, or afford to challenge it, or the original conviction at the time mean that the law firm still seeks to bankrupt me. Despite having fought between 2018-19 and now throughout 2022 to defend myself, as a litigant in person no legal aid for civil proceedings is available, I have had only the help of the Citizens Advice Bureau at the RCJ (in 2022) to do so. 

This wasn't the worst part of the claimants' case, in the process of explaining a previous failing I'd received by the Crown Prosecution Service, their prosecuting solicitor used honesty and unpleasant history against me. I'd elaborated during an interview at the RCJ on a severe crime committed against me whilst working in my home borough in West London during Notting Hill carnival - being assaulted after 16hrs of work, only for the CPS to dismiss the case after more than a year of investigation, and leave the investigating officer to quit as a result of his work going to nothing. This admission was then picked upon by the accusing solicitor in their case against me, referring to it years later whilst reversing involved parties to describe me as a rapist.

Something that hurt all the more given the already hurtful nature of admission in criminality unpunished against me being remembered in it's failed attempts at justice, only for a professional further distorting reality in another setting to use that to wrongly accuse me of being a criminal as oppose to a victim in both the previous and current setting with his lies.

20 years cycling on London's streets, I'm well aware of the inherent bias of police against cyclists here, I know it extends far beyond London. The fact that I had briefly returned to employment as a courier, should not have made me more suitable for being assumed guilty, I did so despite being an Epileptic and previous treated for depression and anxiety that had left me incapable of work in the eyes of the state. Only seeking to work in order to escape remaining permanently in a position that some believe to be a burden to the state, receiving disability benefits as I did. I had saved then to return to education but this claim has ruined that, as it has come at the cost of my attempts as a 32-year-old to take A level Biology, Chemistry and Physics exams I was in the middle of during 2022, and was preparing for since 2018. 

None of this stops the significance of 1 thing, a stakeholder of a Hedge Fund company, lying whilst pursuing a cyclist on benefits for a crime he did not commit, lying to the national media to reinforce it, then continuing to pursue him to this day in the High Court. This is not justice ... 



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