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Eastlake High's English 9 teacher is asking too much from students?

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We have just learned that this is not the first petition made for Mrs. Scott! She has been teaching this way for years and believes nothing will change. With your help we can show that we can’t and won’t accept this. Parents have tried to contact her but to no avail, she simply chooses to ignore the criticism. The purpose of this petition is not to get her fired, it is only to let our voices be heard.


***For those who are just seeing this petition this is our original claim:
Students at Eastlake High have been complaining for years about the amount of work and stress from one teacher in particular. This teacher is Ms. Scott. She teaches English 9, a basic English Course, but has caused enough stress, to make students feel like it is an AP Course. This teacher is not very specific with their directions. When students turn in their work she immediately returns it acknowledging the flaws, but does not explain how to revise them correctly. She has unreasonable expectations of these young adults. Students feel overwhelmed with the amount of work she gives. The vicious cycle continues when she returns their work saying it’s not good enough but fails to explain why. Students wind up spending hours figuring out what they did wrong and the work piles up. These hours lost could potentially go to the five other classes these students need to focus on as well. This creates procrastination which sets back students academically. This really affects the lives of students, causing stress and low self-esteem. When teenagers at this age get constant negative feedback they begin to feel like they are doing something wrong, which can cause stress and even depression. Students are becoming very worried and frustrated with the way this teacher teaches. The hopeful outcome of this would be for this teacher to change their ways of teaching and assigning work. So please help these students bring attention to this matter.

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