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Global Horse Abuse by FEI & Spanish Riding School, 100's of millions to Clinton Foundation

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The FEI in existence since 1921 with its purpose being "the protection for the well-being of the horse in sport" ie Olympics, World Championships etc has gone rogue over the last 20 years. Instead of protecting the horse it is condoning and promoting violent horse abuse training methods leading to continuous injuries, premature retirements and in many cases to death all of which is well documented.

The abuse has been allowed to be perpetrated by the censorship of the media via the 100's of millions donated to The Clinton Foundation of which i have direct proof.

The FEI's long standing Rule Book has been discarded by the judges at all including most prestigious of events, rewarding with medals the most criminal of riders at the most prestigious events.This despicable and horrendous manner of training known as Rollkur/LDR has also been accepted by the world famous Spanish Riding School in Vienna discarding their 451 years of harmonious training. So prestigious and a treasure The Spanish Riding School is that General Patton saved it during WW2.

Rollkur/LDR is an extreme domination of the horse where its neck and head is hauled in with chin on chest and or shoulders while "training". The horse cannot literally see where he is going and becomes under complete domination of the rider instead of the "Happy Athlete through harmonious education as stated in the FEI's Rule Book.

Besides being at complete odds with everything written in the FEI Rule Book,countless studies have been well documented by the world's most reknown veterinarians of the physical and psychological damage done to horses including Endoscopic, Electrocardiography, Skeletal, and Behavioral Research on countless horses.

Without any need of medical knowledge by the bystander, easy detection is clearly visible to the naked eye. The pained look in the eyes, the flared nostrils from the windpipe being compressed, severely tightened nosebands, a distorted and drooling mouth with the tongue turning limp, visibly blue from pressure of the hands and lack of oxygen.

The horse is by nature a flight animal but with its neck and head violently hauled into its chest and shoulders, unable to see except for its feet before him, he submits and learned helplessness sets in becoming at the mercy of the violence under complete domination by the rider and the term "learned helplessness" sets in due to the horse submitting because its natural balance is ripped away violently by Olympic riders, grabbing at the horses mouth, with body leaning backwards for leverage and the horses head and neck yanked and held to the horses head and chest while riding continuously.

The FEI's judges reward the blatant Horse Abuse by rewarding with medals in Olympics, World Championships, European Championships and National Championships. The very same methods are being used by The Spanish Riding School.

And to make matters worse all of the countries Dressage Federations do not listen to the pleas of young girls speaking out on all types of sexual abuses since the Federations are under the auspices of the FEI. And the police plus judicial system are rewarded handsomely to turn a blind eye so out of consequence it is i who is receiving the actual evidence.

The horse community has tried their best but the money from the global elite is much too powerful and they discard any and all concerns. Therefore we are asking you, the non-horse people all over the world to please come to the aid of the horses who have given so much to human existence since its domestication 6,000 years ago. I am asking you, the non-horse people of the world to help put an end to this horrific form of animal abuse being done to the horses.

Please we ask that you sign the following Petition which will be taken to all the sponsor's of Olympics, World Championships, European Championships and National Championships and also be used for The Spanish Riding School who has discarded 450 years of the Art of Dressage and instead used the same domination and destruction of a horse as employed by the FEI.

Have a look at the photos and videos of today's world best at what is supposed to be the pinnacle of harmonious education in the Art of Dressage. We ask that you help put an end to these despicable practices promoted and condoned by the FEI, the protector of the horses well being and The Spanish Riding School.

Thank You Dearly, Hector


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