Topics taught remotely should not be assessed

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Dear Mr Roberts and Heckmondwike staff,

Currently as Year 13 A level students we’ve only had at least 7/8 months of teaching taught face to face since we have started 6th Form. However we completely understand that this was inevitable and teachers have no choice but to teach remotely. But seeing as now the government has given the decision to teachers in taking continued assessments from pupils, we feel this is absolutely the right choice but assessing us on content which we’ve had to learn remotely in the last 2 months we feel is extremely unfair as this will have an affect on our mental well being and an everlasting negative effect on our future especially on those aspiring for high grades e.g. Dentistry, Medicine, Veterinary sciences applicants.

We are extremely disadvantaged and are the only ever A-level year having to teach the content ourselves remotely as-well as being assessed on it compared to last years year 13 students who had finished the majority of the course. We understand teachers are trying their best and may feel everyone is coping well with the content however, the majority of us have been struggling these past few months whether it’s with content or mental health due to additional stress. The only way we can perform at our best and feel supported is if we are not assessed on topics which we’ve had to learn ourselves remotely these past months but the topics we’ve covered before national lockdown face to face in school.

We praise teachers for their hard work and hope we are given a voice, whether it’s through a voting system.

We hope you consider our struggles and kindly not assess us in these topics once we return to school and remove these contents from the mocks which we may have. 

Kind regards, 

Year 13 Students Heckmondwike Grammar