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I hope all of you're doing well in this Pandemic. We all are going through stressful times; however, the time ahead of us isn't getting any easier. Our university, Lahore School of Economics just introduced an unfair policy for examination. This policy undermines our mental health and well-being. Our administration pretends to console us but in reality, they are burdening till we break. LSE is known for being inconsiderate, but during this stressful time, they are doing whatever they can to make it as worse as possible for us. Students have sent them hundreds of emails and they have chosen not to reply to a single one. The only reason why LSE is trying it’s best to fail its students is so that THE MAXIMUM NUMBER OF STUDENTS REPEAT COURSES AND INCREASE LSE’S PROFITS. Our concerns include:


1. The entire course is going to be included in the final exam. This is something that was never done before, not even during the normal days, then why is this being imposed on us during this pandemic? Why did we give midterms if we have to do the entire syllabus again?

2. The exams have to be conducted on the portal, which doesn't work at all. Quizzes were conducted to test the portal and there were glitches in every single quiz. Some students don't receive the exam; some can't submit it while others are unable to type on it.

3. Every single section has sent emails to the administration but they haven't replied to a single email.

4. They've told us to unmute ourselves during the zoom call but whenever we've mentioned a problem to instructors during quizzes they simply mute us.

5. If someone is unable to submit their quiz they have decided to simply give us an F.

6. The only reason why they are so eager to give us an "F" is so that a lot of students end up repeating courses which will be very profitable for them.