We reject ONLINE EDUCATION! It is not upto the standards we pay for in PAKISTAN!

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This is a student from a Pakistani university. 

As we know Corona virus pandemic is all over the place. As much as we should take precautions we also have to make sure we do everything as it is meant to be. 

Now due to Corona virus every institution in Pakistan is currently closed. But university authorities think they can achieve an excellent teaching environment with online classes. As much as we do believe in our teachers and authorities but 40%+ students are living in remote areas. They do not have access to high speed internet, we can not do everything on our own. How can the engineers only understand machines by slides only and by watching videos. This type of study is not acceptable by the students of Pakistan. They require and should I say they deserve the education they are promised.

So this petition is jus tmade for the sole purpose, please give us a break until this whole Corona virus pandemic is controlled and we can go back to normal life. People here are struggling with life and we have to worry that we should submit assignment before 10pm. What if some student catches the virus. He or she would be forced to leave study. Left behind. That is not fair. 

Sign this petition. 

Long live Pakistan

Stay safe, stay inside