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Support safe, walkable & green infrastructure for Sanjaynagar

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Dear Residents,

As you know Sanjaynagar main road is a key mixed use road which provides various facilities for the residents of wards 18 & 19. Both the wards share this road and is a lifeline with businesses, food, healthcare, recreation and education around it. It is also a green lifeline having 310 trees for a 3km stretch.  

All is not well with the road. Current status of the main road:
1. Width of the main road is not uniform. This is the main reason for traffic congestion in many places.
2. No proper pedestrian footpath. Very difficult for people who want to walk, especially senior citizens and children. Many senior citizens have fallen and got injured.
3. Crossing the road very difficult for all types of people young and old
4. Parking is haphazard and constantly violated. This hinders the smooth flow of traffic and is causing chaos.
5. Street vendors are stationed randomly with no space of their own. This again increases the congestion and blocks smooth flow of traffic.

Urban and Traffic experts in Directorate of Urban Land Transport, GoK in association with BBMP have come up with a new plan for the main road:

1. The carriage way width will be uniform and 7.5 meters. This is as per the international norms. It has been designed by Urban planners and Traffic experts from Directorate of Urban Land Transport as per Indian Roads Congress.
2. This width will be exclusively for the vehicles to move smoothly without parking or street vendors coming in the way. This way, the effective width of the road will be more than what we currently have.
3. The current plan does not involve any demolition for road widening. All other options will lead to wiping out the vibrancy of the street.
4. Space for parking and street vendors will be allocated wherever the width of the road is more. Without this project, to reduce chaos on the current road all shops and residences on the road will be forced to provide basement/garage parking.
5. We will get world class foot paths. The Main road will become fully pedestrian friendly. It will become a pleasure to walk on the road for both the young and old.
6. This plan will retain all 310 trees on Sanjaynagar main road. All other plans will make the road a desert.
7. There will be street furnitures like benches in the walk way where the senior citizens can rest. Dust bins will be placed in multiple locations to keep the place clean

Overall, it will be a dream come true for the residents of sanjaynagar and will set an example to the rest of the city on how neighbourhoods can have world class infrastructure instead of just dreaming about it.

Request you to show your support to this project by signing this petition. If we don't show our support to this project, the problems will multiply and the quality of life is only going to get worse. This is our only chance.

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