Combating Plastic Pollution by Taxing Plastic Bags at HEB in Texas

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     Did you know that nearly 2 million plastic bags are handed out or used every minute? That adds up to be roughly one trillion single-use plastic bags wasted per year. Plastic bags have a minimum lifespan of 20 years, however, if these bags make it into the ocean or any body of water, they never completely biodegrade. Instead, the plastic bags break into small, dangerous microplastics that take centuries to fully disappear. Our goal is to eliminate plastic pollution, by first reducing plastic pollution within our community.

    According to the Texas Supreme Court, cities are not allowed to ban plastic bags. However, there is no law that states companies and businesses can not ban plastic bags. HEB is Texas´s #1 grocery supplier, which means they distribute a high number of plastic bags every day. If this petition reaches its goal of 5,000 signatures, then our team will set up a meeting to discuss banning single-use plastic bags at HEB. If we are unable to ban the bags, then we will ask to place a fee or tax onto single-use plastic bags to incentivize customers to purchase reusable bags. Please sign and share this petition to help bring our world a step closer to ending the deadly cycle of plastic pollution! Also, we encourage you to find ways to limit your plastic use in your daily life, or within your community.