Zize Bikes: Heavy Duty Bicycles and Bikes for Heavy Riders

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Cycling is one of the best physical activities that has been around for a very long time and to this date has no competition or any sort of match. Many athletes and celebrities prefer to keep themselves fit and in shape by adopting the habit of riding bicycles and heavy duty bicycles on regular basis. Bicycling has been around for a very long time, and is an immensely popular exercise. Not only using bicycles is one hundred percent environment  and eco friendly as they produce almost no waste, but they also do not increase the traffic load of an area, rather they help combat it.

Riding bicycles is something almost everyone of us learns as kids and some of us continue to ride one even years later. It is a fun activity everyone takes delight from. Unfortunately, many those among us who struggle with weight and size issues have been deprived of something as mundane as cycling, something the rest of us take for granted. The needs of such individuals have been largely ignored on almost every walk of life and we have always averted our gazes from the challenges these people face, not even acknowledging them.

Fortunately, Zize Bikes have taken the very  bold step and initiative of addressing these individuals and their struggles directly by not just focusing their objectives and aims towards this part of our community, but also acting upon them. Zize Bikes are the proud manufacturers and assemblers of bikes for heavy riders and plus size bikes. They are not only the first, but also the sole and exclusive makers of heavy duty bicycles, ensuring top standards.

Zize Bikes: Objectives

Here at Zize Bikes, our objectives are basic, uncomplicated and largely focused on the big and obese people as well as their needs when it comes to riding bicycles and weight loss. We cater to the needs and requirements of the big people of our community. We provide people, who have been robbed of it, the opportunity to once more experience bicycling, and make use of all its benefits and advantages.

No sport is restricted to only the lean and toned ones, this is a fact very much established. Similarly, bicycling is also for everyone, irrespective of what size or shape they have. Zize Bikes take great pride in assembling bicycles for obese and the big people. Their services towards such people, who make up a large percentage of the community, are truly one and the first of their kind with no match.

Their bikes promise quality, comfort and fun all at the same time with no compromise made at all on things that matter.

Zize Bikes: The Manufacture

At Zize Bikes heavy duty bicycles are carefully and expertly assembled, which suit and conform to the needs of big people, people who were unable to find such a reliable and centered product previously. We invest a lot of time, dedication, hard work and experienced workmanship in every single one of our bikes, owing it all to our customers and their satisfaction.

Careful consideration and efforts are poured into each individual design to fit the needs of the target customer. Their bikes are manufactured from only the best quality materials to ensure hundred percent performance. No compromise or cuts are made on the quality and performance of their bikes. All these bikes are trialed and tested prior to being released to the massive international customer market that Zize Bikes addresses and caters to.

Zize Bikes: The Guide

At Zize Bikes, they provide their customers with a wide range of bicycles and bikes of all sorts that are unparalleled in terms of their design, performance and comfort level. Their bikes are of and fall into four main categories, namely bikes of 250 pound capacity, bikes of 330 pounds capacity, bikes of 400 pounds capacity and biked of 550 capacity. Hence, they even provide a delightful riding experience for people weighing over five hundred pounds, something considered nothing less of a miracle by many.

Here is a brief guide on how to shop at Zize Bikes for your perfect bicycle or bike. Once you have selected the type of bike you want to buy according to how much you weight, you will next help the professionals at Zize Bikes narrow down their product search for you by selecting what height group you want it to belong to. Their heavy duty bikes are suitable for people as short as 5” and as tall as 6”2, even taller if you can believe it. From there onwards, it is very easy and simple. You are just a step away from ordering your own perfect Zize Bike! You just have to go through the product options they provide you with and make your own choice, keeping in view your preferences and needs as well as the your comfort.

Zize Bikes: Types of Bikes

Two basic types of bicycles and bikes are manufactured by Zize Bikes, both of which have largely satisfied customers. These two types are completely different in aspects of performance, function and even aesthetics from one another. However, both have excellent performance in addition to function statistics and are top of the line bicycles that you will find nowhere else but here at Zize Bikes.

Zize Bikes assembles both Classic and Electric Bikes. The Classic Bikes manufactured by Zize Bikes are manually operated. They are modern and sleek, but even so, they do not deviate far from the traditional outlook of a bicycle that they are intended to value and preserve. The classic bike is the perfect partner to accompany you for rough terrains, never letting you down, but rather always taking you further.

On the other hand, the Zize Electric Bikes are suitable for your needs if you are physically vexed or exhausted and want someone else to the job for you. Our Electric Bikes have either back or front electric motors of different values of power according to a particular bike’s structure and model in addition to other necessary components. All you have to do is switch on the motor and let it take you along the rest of the way, doing the labour, toil and hard work in your place.

Both the Classic and Electric bikes by Zize Bikes are excellently performing bicycles and bikes that meet your needs like no other. They have impressed their customers, gaining more and more well deserved popularity.

Zize Bikes: The Payment  Procedure

Zize Bikes offer their customers the luxury of easy payment modes and methods. This just keeps getting better and better! Their customers have the privilege of selecting the alternative that is the most suitable for their needs, falls into complete sync with their budget and is in accordance to their personal preferences.

Zize Bikes accept full payment upfront from customers if they wish to to do so. However, Zize Bikes also has the reliable alternative of paying in the form of monthly installments, that are both more than affordable and reliable in addition to not crossing your budget and piling up debts.

Zize Bikes: The Weight Loss Journey

Since Zize Bikes design and manufacture bikes for heavy riders, each and every one of their bikes understands and fulfills the duty of being your weight loss companion and tutor, whatever it needs to be at a particular time. Also featured in the Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition, Zize Bikes has proven it's reliability and effectiveness in helping you shed your extra baggage of. It not only helps you every step along your weight loss transformation, but it does it in complete style, letting you have all the fun in the world while doing so. Therefore, the Zize Bikes’ heavy duty bicycles are capable of much more than just satisfying the aesthetic sense.

Zize Bikes: The Target Customers

Zize Bikes addresses and caters to a very large and ever expanding international market. With tons of customers, who have been satisfied much beyond their expectations, Zize Bikes has built a name and earned a reputation for themselves because of their superlative, grade A quality work.

Zize Bikes are for everyone and anyone. Zize Bikes are suitable for and fit the needs of people of all shapes and sizes, that is a promise they can make and proudly fulfill for every single customer. However, their focus rests on the big people all around us. The target of Zize Bikes is to assemble bikes for obese and bikes for heavy riders. They strongly  believe in returning to such people what was lost and letting them take delight from the fun vibes of bicycle riding.


Zize Bikes are truly one of a kind bicycles and bike manufacturers, who understand and relate to the struggles and needs of obese and healthier individuals. They are largely centered on the aim of making life easier for them all, and they definitely do without any doubt. Zize Bikes gift their customers a comfortable and exhilarating riding experience at a cost which is nothing when all the pros are brought to light.

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