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Heavily discounted registrations for people with multiple vehicles e.g.: Owners of 2-6 Motorcycles that can only be ridden one at a time should have heavily discounted registrations. They do less damage to the roads and you can only ride one at a time.

I am asking for everyone to sign this petition so we can send it to the Premier of Queensland  to let the Qld Government know what Queenslanders want. I think we should make our feelings clear on this issue before the government makes their minds up on what should happen.

Many enthusiasts have multiple vehicles but can only use one at a time, it is easy for some to own 6 motorcycles and 3 cars and only use them one at a time. Why should multiple registrations be charged in full when they are not on the road all the time.

We are asking for heavily discounted registrations for multiple motorcycle and car owners.

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  • Jackie Trad MP
  • Annastacia Palaszczuk MP

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