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Sunita Knight-Webb
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Dulwich and Herne Hill
Quiet Skies Campaign
Is your enjoyment of the garden, local parks and outdoor life blighted by the constant, loud noise of flights overhead?
Are you woken up early by the noise of flights?
Have you wondered why you are under a noisy flight path when you live  16 miles away from Heathrow airport?
It’s because Dulwich, Herne Hill, Forest Hill, Brixton, Camberwell and swathes of south-east London are on a concentrated flight superhighway for arrivals into Heathrow airport. Changes in recent years mean that we are on the final approach into Heathrow airport. When the wind is westerly, which is 70% of the time, all flights arriving into Heathrow airport are flying over our area in a concentrated flight path.
Flights are more frequent and planes are flying lower. The Heathrow airport web track ( ) shows contemporaneous flight activity, including the height and flight paths of individual planes and noise monitoring points.
Planes are joining the final approach earlier, which means that even though Dulwich is 16 miles away from Heathrow, most of the flights arriving into Heathrow are sent over us. The ‘continuous descent approach’ implemented by the Civil Aviation Authority in recent years also means that planes are flying lower over Dulwich.
The noise must stop. Local Residents should be consulted on changes to flight paths affecting the noise over our area.Heathrow airport should also increase the number of noise monitoring locations in south-east London. There is currently only one noise monitoring location in south-east London (which is located in Camberwell). This compares with no fewer than 6 monitoring locations in the Wimbledon area.

Additionally, we are blighted by flights arriving into London City Airport as we are on a flight path into City Airport.
What can you do to BRING BACK QUIET SKIES to Dulwich and south-east London?
2.      Complain about the noise directly to Heathrow airport (complaints can be made to and to the Civil Aviation Authority (at The more noise complaints they receive from people living in the local area, the more likely they are to do something about it. Feedback and complaints from the local community will make a big difference.
We the undersigned Petition as follows:
1.            The noise from flights over our homes and recreational spaces in the Dulwich, Herne Hill, Brixton and south-east London area is excessive and unacceptable.
2.            Stop the concentrated flight superhighway over south-east London (for arrivals into Heathrow Airport).
3.            The final approach into Heathrow airport should be varied rather than a fixed concentrated path so that our community is not unduly burdened with constant noise.
4.            Heathrow airport should vary the direction planes fly before joining, and the point at which they join, the final fixed approach, so that flights are joining the final fixed approach closer to the airport and not 16 miles away in Dulwich.
5.            The height at which planes fly over south-east London should be substantially raised to reduce noise and disturbance.
6.            Install at least two more noise monitoring locations in south-east London. A noise monitoring location should be installed in Dulwich park.
7.            Dulwich must be included in the list of venues in which Heathrow airport public consultation events take place, including the next consultation on Heathrow expansion due to start on 18 June 2019.
8.            Every affected household in south-east London should be posted a leaflet and encouraged to submit their views in each Heathrow consultation exercise relevant to flight paths and noise levels affecting them.
9.            Residents in Dulwich and south-east London should be included in Heathrow Noise Insulation schemes so that Heathrow airport pays towards the costs of residents insulating their homes against the aircraft noise though double glazing, replacement windows and loft insulation.