Milos law

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My loving family pet Milo was knocked down and killed on new years day the driver hit him and left him lying on road if they'd stopped he may have been able to get veterinary help n have a chance but obviously in today's so called caring community this driver didn't care they've ripped our family apart as Milo was huge part of it his brother is grieving which is hard to watch ,Milo was only year n half whole life ahead of him ,words cannot describe grief I feel,I want law to be changed to move with times road traffic act 1988 protects dogs cattle pigs etc but not cats who are UK's 2 Nd top pet,this is 2019 we need to move with time our laws are dated, 680 cats are killed daily on road,240000killed annually on UK roads yet we dismiss it n walk away that can't be right in today's society surely we are more caring than that ,Milos law would ensure a driver reports hitting cat as you would a dog I'm not looking for huge fines n jail sentences just acknowledgement for that animal if they stopped they might save lives if not then at least through reporting incident owner can be given closure and chance to say goodbyes surely that's not too much to ask, our nation spends a fortune on their pets does this not show that animals are big family members now,in some cases it might be someone's only companion,please help support Milos law it's small change to a dated law but would make a huge difference to thousands of pet owners