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Latest Statement to Heather Hickman Holland & SFAI Administration

As we understand, many plans are underway for the use of the Fort Mason facility. Our understanding of this comes to us by convoluted and indirect communication. We demand this committee be included in conversations about the efforts to rent out a building that a large number of students and faculty still have countless belongings and artworks inside of. A building that you assured us would remain vacant and safe for our belongings for the duration of the Government Ordered Shelter-in-Place.

Why are all students not being notified if there is information regarding direct plans for a Fort Mason move-out? An email, received by a member of the community as of May 1, 2020, detailed the plan to have students move out before May 23. Why was this not communicated to the Graduate Studio Committee? 

Our demands remain the same 

1. We demand that this committee be included in conversations surrounding the future use of the Fort Mason Graduate Campus. 

2. We demand that student belongings remain safe and housed within the Fort Mason Campus (unless otherwise requested by individual students) for the duration of the Government Ordered Shelter-in-Place. It is unethical and unsafe to ask students to leave their homes in order to move out of their studios, before the shelter-in-place has been lifted. 

3. We demand that San Francisco Art Institute prioritizes student well-being and safety over profits.

4. We continue to demand that the institution create a plan of compensation for that which students have lost. We demand that when the shelter-in-place has been lifted, and it is deemed safe by the proper authorities, that one of these options of compensation is given.
      a. With shelter in place beginning March 16th extending until May 3rd, we have effectively lost 7 weeks of studio time that we have paid for. We demand that this physical studio time be compensated under terms agreed upon with this committee once shelter in place has been lifted. 
      b. Our tuition is partially allocated to ensure our possession of individual studios for the duration of the school year. We demand that we receive prorated refunds for the portion of our tuition allocated to funding our individual studio spaces.

We understand that it is not possible for  any students to return to Fort Mason for regular activities prior to the end of the term on May 8th. Moving forward, how does the institution plan to compensate the students?

Remember that your decisions to forcibly vacate an institutional building DURING a pandemic for potential short-term profit will displace and effect your very own students. Students who will be affected in countless ways by your actions. Please consider the well-being of our community before you make decisions.



Evan Pettiglio & Sami Cutrona

Graduate Studio Committee

evan pettiglio
2 years ago