The fight for my girls rights.

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In the system of laws and regulations I have no choice but to challenge the very one I care for and have two beautiful girls with. I am here fighting for split custody and 50/50 time with these girls which they deserve. At what point this was ever looked at as a bad idea well it never was. I have raised them and yet I get a treatment unfair to me and them. My exwife feels it's ok to follow a law that allows her to have control yet prior to divorce she swore to give me split time. This has been the most horrific situation to have ever been put in and need help getting this for my girls. Understand this is not anyway a fight against Heather she is an amazing mother and couldn't ask for better. This is a choice I had to except by law at divorce due to Charlee being under 3years old and mom not overriding that. This is for the court hearing to show this is what me and my girls deserve as our rights. Deserving fathers deserve equal rights, that's my stand for this yet embarrassing nothing matters more to me than them two girls. Please help!!