Petition against Econ*1100 - Introductory Macroeconomics

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I am writing this petition in protest against my professor Eveline Adomait for the course Econ*1100 - Introductory Macroeconomics. I feel that we have not been given a fair chance in this course. Our professor does not post any slides, does not provide adequate review prior to midterms, and I believe the second midterm was much too hard for a first year course, which is evident from the 51.67% midterm 2 average. Moreover, Dr. Adomait lacks the fundamentals essence of what being an educator means, genuinely caring for their students and assisting the students in their pursuit of knowledge. This point is then amplified due to the fact that we are paying a large sum to this women and she is not fulfilling her basic responsibilities as a professor. We as students in commerce require the skills that are meant to be taught in this course in order to advance not only our university careers but also in our co-op terms and future careers. Dr. Adomait's failure to educate us as students is now putting these aforementioned pursuits in jeopardy which is a dire issue that needs to be addressed immediately. 


University of Guelph Student Body