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Instigate a government review of the ideology of coming council tax increases

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The coming council taxes rises for 2017/18 maybe the first in many years and may be necessary to help balance the public purse in times of great pressure. However, it is the ideology, unfair apportionment and wider ramifications of these rises which needs to be raised in both local and national discussions.

The coming rises are prejudicially targeting hard working families who happen to live in band E-H houses with up to 26% increases V's lower bands that are in some cases as low as 3%. This can mean many hundreds of £'s extra in an already very expensive taxation system. Central government is pushing an agenda which claims to align higher band council tax properties with lower ones relative to their income. An honest and moral quest you say? Perhaps if this were a tax truly targeted on income or true property valuation. But this is not, it is a cheap, dirty raid on an extremely wide and diverse section of society who in most cases are not wealthy and are not living in the most valuable homes. This is hitting one of the hardest squeezed sections of society - those with families who already pay large amounts of income tax and qualify for the least amount of central government support.

What does this petition seek to do?

1. Gauge public support for a review into the fairness of this type of governmental targeting - how can such large taxation hikes be administered in such a punitive and unscientific way?    

2. Get political parties and candidates to really show who in society they support and where their moral and business compasses lie - Should hard working people who already contribute heavily in social taxes be easy targets for disproportionate increases, when they neither take or receive extra services? The people in this discussion are big net contributors. 

3. Start a discussion about the un-sound methodology used to skew the council tax banding for new properties - Currently new properties are unfairly valued relative to older houses due to anomalous factors in the historic housing market. This means that governments efforts to build more houses for positive reasons (keep a check on house prices, grow the economy, get investment into rural areas) are severely undermined and in direct opposition to schemes such as help to buy.

What does this petition not seek to do?

1. It does not seek to question the need for tax rises however unpalatable it is. Everyone should contribute equally and in a means tested fashion.

What needs to happen?

Sign this if you agree and lets get this discussion noticed, started and supported by the incoming tranche of councillors who are representing us. They will not take up this cause without base support. This needs to be discussed at both local and national levels to protect against punitive tax raids and get a more modern and robust valuation process. Please feel free to spread this out with the Tweeddale West area. 

Why should you support this?

Because you support fair and modern best practice to consider tax rises. Not stealthy and divisive raids on hard working families. 



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