Reunite Pistachio & Cranberry

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This is a heartbreaking story of two bonded-brother roosters that were unjustly separated.  Please help us get these boys reunited again to live together the way they were meant to, as family.

  • At the end of July, 2017, two roosters were found near Bridle Trails State Park in Kirkland, WA.  The people tried finding a home for these two lost boys while they stayed in a friends barn.  With no luck, they reached out to the people at Sky's the Limit Sanctuary.  They offered to help find them a home together and if they could not, they would take them in.  Sky's the Limit did a courtesy post, but got no response.  They had decided to go get the roosters, when a couple, that Sky's the Limit knew, stepped up to take them in.  Arrangements were made to pick up the roosters, and the roosters had what everyone thought would be a safe, loving, forever home.  
  • Then one day in September, just six weeks after their adoption, Sky's the Limit found out that the couple had split the boys up, and taken one rooster (Pistachio) down to Refarm Sanctuary in Washougal, WA, along with two other random strays from Kitsap Humane Society.  This is extremely unsafe, as it exposes healthy birds to an unknown number of pathogens and parasites.  Birds should always be quarantined for 15-30 days before integration.  Sky's the Limit found out later, that Pistachio had behavioral problems, but Sky's the Limit was never asked to come over and help work with the roosters.  The adopters had only known roosters for a few weeks when they took in Pistachio & Cranberry.  
  • Refarm Sanctuary is a farm animal rescue that adopts out.  They had just taken in 24 ex battery hens and had room for roosters (to put with them).  So Pistachio was thrown in with 2 unquarantined boys and 24 hens from all areas of the west coast.  Anyone that knows birds, knows this is a recipe for disaster.  Sky's the Limit again trusted the couple that told them that if there was ever a problem at Refarm, the couple would be contacted.  Sadly, this is not what happened.  In March/April this year, Pistachio was adopted out to a family, who then lost their job and moved to Nevada.  He then found himself at yet another farm animal sanctuary in southern Washington that adopts out.  Somehow, he ended up back at Refarm.  Refarm claims Pistachio will be there forever, but nothing can be certain at a rescue that does adoptions, and it's not worth the risk, given all he's been through.
  • Sky's the Limit reached out to the folks at Refarm and respectfully requested his safe return to their sanctuary where they can guarantee Pistachio a forever home.  Sky's the Limit had a responsibility to Pistachio and he was let down by humans.  It is standard etiquette to return an animal that you adopt, to the organization they came from.  The couple, who formed Heartwood Haven sanctuary, who sits on only 2.5 acres, did not do this.  They were the first humans that failed him.  He was separated from his brother and then bounced around like a foster animal.  Sky's the Limit just wants to fulfill their promise to Pistachio and would like to see him come home.
  • Pistachio's brother, Cranberry, is now up for adoption at the couple's new (& over-capacity) sanctuary, Heartwood Haven.  Who knows how many homes he will have as well!  A group of people have been working hard to get these boys reunited and returned to their home.  Since they've been up for adoption in the past, it shouldn't be an outlandish request.  Unfortunately, humans are putting their desires first, when it should be about the animals.  These boys have been through enough.  Let's get them reunited and forever safe!