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Hearts Rage For Change on Statutory Rape Guidelines

Many young men are being labeled as "sex offenders" and having to serve time in prison for having "consensual" sex with their girlfriend whom is 3 or more years younger. Young women feel it's a "status symbol" to have a boyfriend that's 3 or more years older than they are and it's causing serious, harmful consequences for young men when they are labeled "rapist!" Consensual sex IS NOT rape!


Please help support the decriminalization of a common behavior among children. Seventeen to nineteen years old is not by any stretch of the imagination an adult and sexual relationships in teenage years while not ideal ought not be punished with felony charges.

Your support in signing this petition is greatly appreciated!

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  • Onslow County District Attorney
    Ernie Lee
  • Onslow County Sherriff
    Ed Brown
  • Onslow County Asssistant District Attorney
    Michael Maultsby

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