Change (buff/unnerf) Tinkmaster Overspark in Hearthstone to cost 5-6 and effect targets.

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One problem I see, REZ PRIEST. that Convincing Infiltrator in turn 5 is just game over if he rez it, even if you silence it, you are done. I lost ANOTHER game to rez priest with Archmage Vargoth. I was druid. I was winning and opponent simply used聽Mass Resurrection and selected vargoth. Effect duplicated reviving everything, then lost(I lost to random, so frustrating and dumb). All this could be avoided IF I had transformed him. TINKER IS THE ONLY NEUTRAL THAT CAN HELP DECKS WITHOUT TRANSOFRMATIONS! because all druid spells DESTROY , no minion or spell transforms. this is UNFAIR. Also...transforming to random is just absurd, because it can affect your OWN minions...for this reason, NO ONE IS USING THIS CARD!

WE NEED TINKER TO BACK TO THE GAME! its a legendary ...CMON..the odds to top deck it are slim.
one per deck...also...making it cost 5 or 6 BUT can target anything, FOR ME ITS OK! its fair.

Silence is not enough in this state of the game, we need to help other classes like warlock, DH, druid etc to be able to deal with huge minions in mid game and end game. This card will help both standard and wild to have fair matches.

so what you guys think?

plz sign this..LETS DO THIS!

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