Kansas: Turn On the TV Captions Now!

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Kansas: Turn On the TV Captions Now!

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Hearing Loss Association of America - Kansas City Chapter started this petition to Governor Brownback and city councils in Kansas

Help us pass a new Kansas ordinance requiring all TVs in public places have the captioning turned on all the time.

Sign this petition today: Kansas: Turn On the TV Captions Now!

 This effort is led by Hearing Loss Association of America – Kansas City Chapter and concerned Kansans who love watching captions on TV to help:

   •   People who are not able to hear,
   •   Everyone understand important information in noisy areas,
   •   People enjoy television even if the sound is turned off or on mute,
   •   Comprehension for people using English as a second language
   •   Children's reading skills while watching TV.

We call our project "Kansas: Turn On the TV Captions Now!"

Access to information is a basic civil right. Without knowing the details, we cannot function well in today's world. Here are several points…

 •    Catching up on the news on TV is next to impossible in a noisy bar or waiting area. Have you tried asking your server to turn the captions on the screen, only to find that the server doesn’t how to turn on the captions, or the TV remote is missing? Requiring captions to be shown on all public TV sets all the time will ensure that you can always get the information you need anywhere in Kansas.

•    Televisions are widely used in public facilities, such as hospital waiting rooms, bars, restaurants, health clubs, bus stations, appliance stores, and the airport. All televisions in use today have the capability to display closed captioning.

•    Televisions in these locations enable anyone to watch the latest news reports, be informed in an emergency, watch their local sports teams in action, or simply pass the time while waiting for an appointment or service to be completed.

•    One in five Americans have hearing disabilities, and that large population of Kansans should never be excluded from accessing crucial information.

•    Additionally, excessive background noise interferes with comprehension of audio information for almost everyone else.

•    Federal requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) are limited in this regard. The ADA, however, does not prevent the State of Kansas from imposing more stringent requirements throughout the state. The FCC requires nearly all TV programming to be captioned, but there is nothing on the books that say it has to be "on" for everyone to see.

•    With broad public support the City of San Francisco passed a similar ordinances covering government facilities and events in 2008 with public support. The state of Maryland passed a similar law in 2010. Furthermore, the US Department of Transportation imposed similar rules for airports in 2015.  City of Portland’s Turn On the Captions Now ordinance became the law on December 18, 2015 with the efforts of its’ founders: Jim House, Carol Studenmund, & David Viers. 

 It is time to bring that effort to Kansas now!  

 Here is where you come in. Anyone can sign this petition to show Kansas Governor Sam Brownback and the city councils in Kansas that you want television captions turned on in public places – all the time! Share this message with your friends, family members, hearing health professionals and anyone you meet.

Help us spread the word by printing mini campaign cards to leave in your business lobby or have them handy in your purse, wallet or car to use as an advocating tool at businesses that do not have the TV Captions on.   Google Drive link to mini campaign cards: HLAAKC Kansas Turn On the TV Captions Now mini campaign cards

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This petition had 150 supporters