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Healthy New York Insurance Plan: Offer reimbursement for mental health services

My husband is an architect for a small business in New York State. We are raising two young boys and our health insurance is  Healthy New York. Our oldest son is struggling with emotional outbursts and he needs to see a behavioral specialist but our insurance company won't cover it because it is considered mental health services. Healthy New York does not offer any coverage or partial reimbursement for mental health services. We are a hard-working middle class family. We pay our college loans and bills and receive no government assistance. Our New York State insurance plan needs to recognize that MENTAL HEALTH IS HEALTH.

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Healthy New York Insurance
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New York Governor
New York State's insurance plan, Healthy New York needs to offer coverage and/or reimbursement for behavioral and mental health services for families. Too many had-working families are missing out on critical health coverage for their children and loved ones.

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