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As an ANIMAL ANGEL, I made a life-changing choice to protect animal rights and to stand up and RAISEMYPAW against animal abuse and cruelty. I had also promised to forever be the voice of our voiceless friends and speak up and make my voice known to anyone that was willing to listen and to those that ignored or brushed off animal abuse and cruelty.
I am now RAISING MY PAW against the “EUTHANIZATION of HEALTHY ANIMALS and those that HAVE A CHANCE for LIFE”. These poor animals are being destroyed due to lack of shelter, over-population, and even some reasons of not wanting to be bothered to check out other options; believing and holding onto the idea that death is the quickest and easiest way out of working to SAVE the animal’s life.
This petition is important because WHY should animals have to be destroyed because of the actions of their owners or of the authorities that bring them to these shelters! WHY should they have to be destroyed when there are families and loving homes out there wanting to bring an animal into their family and into their lives!
Euthanizing Healthy Animals is a tragedy; a tragedy that needs to be stopped! These poor animals are being destroyed for being alive, for being abandoned, for being something that they can't help --- it was the owners etc actions -- not theirs! And yet authorities and others believe that it is their right to make that last decision -to seal these animals fates because of what??? they wear a badge - because its what they do! No one has the right to play GOD, except GOD himself! We are only GUARDIANS - not the judge, jury and executioner of these beautiful creatures.
It's IMPORTANT to STOP the EUTHANIZATION of HEALTHY ANIMALS and ANIMALS That have a chance! They deserve to live like any other living creature - They deserve happiness and love --- not DEATH! If it is a crime to destroy a healthy person, then why is in not a crime to destroy a healthy animal! Why is it okay for authorities to euthanize healthy animals or animals that have a chance to live -- when it's illegal for people to help other die because of terminal illnesses etc or assisted suicide!

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RAISE UR PAW Healthy Animals Being Euthanized!
To STOP the Euthanization of Healthy Animals!
This petition is to STOP the euthanization of healthy and those animals that have a chance at life! We have come together to demand that death of these poor, innocent animals be stopped and that loving homes and families be found or places where they are safe from the Executioner's Axe!

These animals shouldn't be punished or destroyed because of the actions of their owners or authorities that have placed them on death row! This is not the humane way and these animals deserve protection and life!

We as ANIMAL ANGELS plea for their lives - that you find it in your heart to end this and make the right decision to STOP this horrific FATE! Animals are living beings too and deserve the same life as any other living thing without having to be destroyed because they are alive, unwanted, abandoned or even taken! They deserve a chance to live, to have a family, a happy home and someone that loves and needs them as they love and need someone.

Don't allow them to be killed because of something they can't help, or stop. Let them live, let them be happy and allow them to find that happy ending that every living thing needs.

PLEASE stop the euthanization of these animals -- they have been through enough and deserve to be happy!