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Save the Chickens: Healthier Farm Animals = Healthier People!

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Tyson Foods Inc. is one of the world's top chicken producers, with products in our grocery stores and being served at many restaurants. However, the chicken they serve is not always as healthy and clean as we are led to believe. 

Today, most chickens in America spend their entire lives in windowless poultry houses. They live for six to seven weeks before being violently slaughtered, without ever seeing the sun. By the time chickens are considered "processing" weight, they are collapsing due to their unnatural size. At this point, they can die slowly from the inability to reach a water nozzle, or from a common disease called acites, which occurs when the cardiovascular and respiratory system in a chicken cannot keep up with the bird's growth. 

"Poultry houses" are long, barn-like sheds. They are filled with ammonia, which is incredibly detrimental to both chicken and worker health. The inhalation of ammonia can cause tracheal burns and even respiratory failure. This is incredibly harmful to poultry, farmers, and consumers!

People everywhere are affected by the uncleanliness of poultry houses. Because they are living in their own feces, the chickens are exceedingly dirty. In the past, agricultural studies have revealed that 87% or chicken carcasses contain E. Coli, a potentially hazardous bacteria.

The E. Coli strains found in chickens can wind up on consumer's plates! Many companies, including Tyson, keep their chicken in cramped, disgusting conditions out of convenience. If the poultry houses were modified, and the number of chickens reduced, it would be easy to produce healthier chicken for people to eat. 

Sign this petition to let Tyson's CEO, Tom Hayes, know that the inhumane treatment of chickens cannot be tolerated for any longer! Customers deserve better food, and chickens deserve better lives.

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