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PET/CT Scan Results
Written Sep 22, 2012 12:57pm
I'd like to start off this entry by again saying thank you. Thank you everyone for all that you have done and continue to do for our Mother. I wish you could see the smile she continuously carries and the way she brightens up when she talks about how you all love her. She is grateful beyond words; SHE LOVES ALL OF YOU SO SO SO MUCH.

The results of the scan were not good. She has many small hypermetabolic hepatic lesions in her liver. Existing outside of the liver are a couple of hypermetabolic mesentric nodes that are affecting the function of nearby lymph nodes. There is also a small tumor in the pelvic region, most likely attached to the ovaries, that is of uncertain significance. With these results surgery to remove the tumors is out of the question. Doing so you would effectively have to remove the entire liver and even then the cancer still exists. We are left with moving forward with just chemotherapy as an option. Unfortunately radiation is not possible either as in doing so you would have to pinpoint so many different areas that the effect of that much radiation on a single organ may in fact damage it beyond repair. She will be starting chemo treatments as soon as we can. The first round of drugs she will be taking are Xelox and Avastin. Xelox is the actual chemo that will be used to effectively 'kill' the tumor. Xelox is used quite commonly to treat colorectal cancer and has been shown to achieve an objective response in about 55% of patients. Overall median stabilization for patients undergoing Xelox treatment tends to be between 7-19 months. Avastin is another drug that she will be taking simultaneously that helps to block the blood supply that feeds the tumor, thus allowing it to reproduce at a much slower rate or not at all. What it does is block a protein that cells make to grow new blood vessels in the area for nourishment to the cell. What happens is cancer cells produce an excess of this protein known as vascular endothelial growth factor(VEGF) and this in turn provides new blood vessels to supply the cancer cells. When Avastin is working it blocks these proteins from producing new blood vessels and can eventually cut off the blood supply to cancer cells, in some cases reducing the overall size of the tumors. After 2-3 months of treatment a CT scan will be taken to determine size of tumors and hopefully to see the cancer in remission. If the tumors have stabilized or are continuing to grow then a new set of drugs will be administered.

The doctor says we will be attacking this cancer very aggressively. Our Mom is young and her body should be able to handle the amount of chemo she may have to go through. If the tumor continues to grow and does not react well to the chemo....the doctor has given her 6 months-2 years....although he has seen a couple of patients make it 5. One thing we must remember is that these are purely mathematical observations.

But our Mother has many more things going for her that the doctors can't fit into a formula. She has God. She has Love. She has Faith. She has tremendous amounts of support. And she has the Will and Fight to Live. A friend told me last night that he will be praying for a miracle for my mother. Guess what? Miracles happen every day. This life that we live is a miracle and blessing each and every second. The love that surrounds us and makes life meaningful is a miracle. I could go on and on about the countless miracles that happen right in front of our eyes day in and day out. So I choose to believe and I hope you will join in the belief that miracles are quite common, and my Mother being healed would just be another wonder in this life filled with endless blessings.

One last thing I would like to ask respectively from everyone is to be positive. If you do contact our Mom DO NOT talk about negative things. That can include her recovery schedule, effects of chemo, her financial situation, negative emotions, pity, anger, your drama or anything that may arouse worry or bad feelings from our Mom. I love each and every one of you but I will not hesitate to have my Mother break contact with anybody that feels they need to provoke bad feelings or a pessimistic outlook from her. I say this with much respect and I know how much you love our Mother. So please when you do see her or talk to her, make her laugh, smile and share wonderful memories and a bright future with her. And if in fact you do bring tears to her eyes I pray they are tears of joy:)

Today: Candace is counting on you